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Insights and learnings from 2020

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Amit Chopra, Managing Director, India and South Asia, Thermo Fisher Scientific wraps up the year gone by and presents some insights and learnings from 2020

The world witnessed one of the biggest and toughest health crises in the form of COVID-19. At Thermo Fisher Scientific, we continue our response to the pandemic and are truly energised by the role we play in enabling our customers to also respond in a significant way. Some of the key lessons we have learned along the way include:

Strengthening the healthcare ecosystem: The pandemic has clearly articulated the need for an agile and robust healthcare infrastructure. Vaccines alone cannot get us out of this. We need vaccines, therapeutics and diagnostics to make sure that we can prevent, identify and treat COVID cases in a variety of populations. Early in the pandemic, we recognised the need to invest in innovative testing technology that can not only offer superior sensitivity and specificity to detect the virus, as well as the need to ramp up our production timelines  to make sure there was plenty of supply in terms of testing for COVID-19.. Additionally, establishing mechanisms to understand the global patterns of transmission and monitor regional and local spread of SAR-CoV-2 would be another crucial aspect to manage through the second wave.

The value of partnerships and collaboration: A critical aspect of our response to COVID-19 was recognising the need for collaboration to help meet the demand for more tests, wider distribution of tests, personal protective equipment and much more as cases once again spiked globally this fall. It is reassuring to witness how the government, industry, researchers, and healthcare professionals globally have come together to address the challenge at hand.

Adoption of digital technologies: Digital technologies and capabilities have transformed the way we do our work or interact with our customers. Digital technologies have enabled organisation to create and implement strategies that accelerate scientific advancements, improve customer experience, and empower companies to make strategic data-driven decisions.

Overall, we continue to build on the significant progress we have made in 2020 as our response to COVID-19. These efforts have not only enabled us to effectively navigate through this environment but also position us stronger for the future and making us valuable partners for our customers.

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