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IVF helps growth of Indian Medical Tourism

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India is unequivocally the land of diversity. It has well established itself as one of the most sought after tourist destinations. It is now also showing equal flair in the field of medical tourism and is fast becoming one of the most sought after countries for medical procedures.

This exponential growth of medical tourism in India has been substantially contributed by IVF procedures. IVF has been bringing happiness in the lives of people who were deprived of parenthood owing to fertility issues. Since its inception, IVF growth and success rate has been wondrous. India has evolved as a pioneer in many high end and result oriented IVF treatments. This has drawn the attention of the aspiring parents all over the world. India now stands at the epicentre of nations that provide world class IVF procedures with staggering success rate. According to private Indian society for Assisted Reproduction (ISAR), India amasses around 400 IVF clinics providing 30,000 reproductive treatments a year.

Another major reason behind the boost of IVF tourism in India is the highly affordable cost of the procedure. Medical treatments around the world are very expensive and are not within the reach of many. In light of the need of an affordable yet quality service, India has outshined many and has emerged as the incontestable winner. Most of the IVF centres in India provide easy EMI facility. This acts as a boon for people with stringent budget, to opt for IVF procedures without the need to undermine their other vital expenses. People all over the world, hence find India to be the apt destination to carry out IVF procedures as it provides top notch services, high success rate, highly experienced specialists at a very reasonable cost. When it comes to fulfilling ones’ dream to be parents, to cherish motherhood, no price seems too high! When the same felicity is achieved at a cost which is within the reach, then happiness knows no bounds!

IVF procedure’s astonishing success rate acts as a catalyst when it comes to the expansion of medical tourism in India. India has been vigilant in keeping pace with the various technological advancements being carried out in the field of infertility and it has accordingly enhanced and improved its medical services to provide optimum and result oriented services to its patients. Impeccable success rate of IVF procedures in India has been the one of the main driving factors for its growth in medical tourism. India currently has around 18 per cent of the global medical tourism market. This number is expected to go up to 20 per cent by 2020. As per Deloitte’s forecast, India’s medical tourism market will grow to nearly $4 billion.

India has always been at the forefront of being a benevolent nation. It has always strived to cater to the needs and welfare of people across the world. Its prodigious success in the medical field and its equally welcoming gesture of providing best medical treatments to people across the globe is unprecedented. IVF procedures in India are one of the key areas which have garnered monumental praise for its success rate and world class services. It is continually gaining good momentum and is helping the growth of overall medical tourism in India. Indian Brand Equity Foundation (IBEF) suggests that Indian Healthcare sector is expected to become a $280 billion industry by 2020 with spending on health estimated to grow 14 per cent annually. Looking at these figures, there is no turning back!

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