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Aster DM Healthcare launches post-COVID care package

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Aster DM Healthcare has launched a comprehensive post-COVID care package to enable complete recovery and rehabilitation of COVID cured patients.

COVID-19 takes a toll on physical and mental well-being, with many patients showing symptoms like breathlessness, fatigue, muscle ache, joint pain/swelling, stress, etc. The Aster Recovery to Rehabilitation package aims at providing the required comprehensive medical and specialised care to such patients. The package will assist complete and quicker recovery of the patients and is designed considering all COVID patients from mild to severe cases.

The patients will undergo a primary evaluation and will be referred to super-specialists (Cardiology/ Pulmonology/ Psychiatrist/ Rheumatology) on the basis of condition and treatment required. The primary evaluation will include Physical Evaluation, Chronic Fatigue Assessment, and a Psychology Valuation. Further, Radiology & Laboratory Investigations (Inflammation, Cardiac, Pulmonary & General health) will be carried out along with a consultation with the General Physician. They will be also handed a Diet and Physiotherapy Plan to assist them during the recovery.

Patients can avail of the package at any of the Aster DM Healthcare hospitals in India.

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