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‘We plan to set up Metropolis HistoXpert at all major hospitals across India’


Dr Kirti Chadha, Head Global Reference Laboratory, Metropolis Healthcare and Sanjeev Nair, Chief Executive Officer, Histoxpert, in an interaction with Sanjiv Das, reveals on the recently launched Histoxpert and how itoffers the convenience of digital pathology

Tissue diagnostics is poised for significant growth and development over the coming three to five years? How is Histoxpert going to revolutionise tissue testing?

Increased consumer awareness, improved healthcare spends, better healthcare infrastructure along with innovations in biomarkers, specific therapeutic interventions that will result in increased application of tissue diagnostics in the areas of targeted therapies. A viable and profitable tissue-diagnostics set-up is dependent on comprehensive test menu, availability of subspeciality experts, trained, skilled and experienced manpower and most importantly a sizeable workload every month.
To provide results that are accurate, conclusive, replicable and consistent with faster turn-around time, diagnostic service providers all over the globe are increasingly focussing on rapidly evolving diagnostic technologies, newer innovation in the field of process automation and are adopting digital pathology. By meeting all the above requirements and running the entire set up for a hospital, Metropolis HistoXpert will greatly reduce costs and advance tissue diagnostics to the next level.3

Explain the process of Histoxpert. What exactly does it involve?

Under HistoXpert, Metropolis offers the convenience of digital pathology, the only US FDA approved technology for whole slide imaging. Philips is our technology partner and with Digital Pathology, specialists will save precious time in getting second opinions, reviewing slides and making treatment decisions faster. In addition, HistoXpert is based on the concept of reflex testing, saving the hassle of having to order more tests to reach a final diagnosis. This is made possible by a skilled team and a panel of sub-specialty experts. This technology implemented by Metropolis Healthcare consists of an ultra-fast pathology slide scanner, an image management system and a display. This solution is complemented by advanced software tools to manage the scanning, storage, presentation, reviewing, and sharing of information thereby enabling digital workflows.

In which hospitals do you plan to set up this diagnostic facility?

At Metropolis, through our vast experience in professional operations of a laboratory within a hospital, we understand that it running an in-house histopathology set up is not be a viable option for hospitals with less than 500-600 samples a month. Therefore, Metropolis HistoXpert is our end-to-end automated processing and digitisation solutions to all hospitals. We plan to set up Metropolis HistoXpert at all major hospitals across India.2

How much RoI are you expecting from this venture?

If you look at RoI for hospitals, the entire workforce will save precious time in not having to put resources for an exclusive department. Nor does it have to make investments in infrastructure and trained and experienced workforce. Additionally, access to Digital Pathology allows the resident oncologist and histopathologist can view slides from the comfort of their own departments. The RoI for hospitals is not just in terms of investment but also faster treatment decisions for their patients with all the technology at their service. Also, because tests and panels are bundled, the overall diagnostic cost for the end consumer is greatly reduced. With the benefit of conclusive diagnosis, panel of experts, tie-ups with global centres for second opinions and the fastest turnaround time in the industry, Metropolis HistoXpert is poised to be an ideal ‘One Stop Histopathology’ partner for hospitals.

How cost effective will Histoxpert be?

Metropolis HistoXpert offers comprehensive reflex testing solution as part of its value addition. Reflex testing essentially includes a protocol based bundling of tests triggered on suspected/positive results to fundamentally reduce the turnaround time for diagnosis and average cost to patient.1

What type of expert panel does Metropolis HistoXpert have?

Apart from a skilled and an experienced technical team, Metropolis HistoXpert has a panel of 15 sub specialty histopathologists in-house. In addition, we have an esteemed external panel of experts to offer second opinion on reports.

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