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106-year-old from Odisha treated for urosepsis

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Doctors from BR Life Kalinga Hospital conducted live saving injury

Parbati Behera, a 106-year-old from Balasore district of Odisha, was in extreme pain when she visited BR Life Kalinga Hospital with complaints of high fever, burning sensation while urinating, difficulty in breathing and severely swollen legs.

Prior to visiting BR Life Kalinga Hospital, Behera had visited numerous hospitals across the city, but in vain. During the process of diagnosis of her condition, it was revealed that she was suffering from urosepsis, the doctors also discovered that she was suffering from lung infection and chronic kidney disease alongside urosepsis. This can have serious consequences, resulting in quick progression into a life-threatening infection. In severe cases, it could also result in multiple organ failures, followed by death.

“At 106 years of age, I was worried about not getting treated of all the health conditions that I had been suffering from. However, when I met Dr Biswajit Nanda, he comforted and assured me that I will be back to my health once again,” said Behera.

The first step of treatment was to manage her lung infection using antibiotics. She was taken into surgery in order remove the obstruction in her urinary tract causing the urinary tract infection, post which her urosepsis was treated using medication. Though the patient suffered from chronic kidney diseases, since it was identified at the right time, it was properly managed with medications and dialysis was avoided.

Today, Behera is hearty and healthy, performing all of her daily chores without any health issues.

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