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A smarter way forward

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After a brief background on the Rochester, NewYork-based Carestream Corporation which was incorporated in 2007, Edwin Pinto, XRS Business Manager-India Cluster, Carestream Health India gave an overview of the company’s product range.

While the company is headquartered out of Mumbai in India, there are regional teams across the country focused on providing technology innovations that can make customer workload easier and faster so that radiologists can spend more time with patients. Pinto then touched on the highlights of the product range.

CR systems are used across the hospitals, imaging centers and private practices as they are flexible, facilitating better patient care and productivity when moving from film imaging, with better reliability and service. Carestream’s CR System category includes floor mounted DIRECTVIEW Classic CR which can perform all the radiology examinations including mammography and examination for intensive & emergency care. It is very compact and fast. From Classic point of view, all the company’s cassettes are rigid in nature and are not in contact with the system while scanning to get the final image on the monitor.

One of the most recent CR System that Carestream launched is Vita Flex which was introduced four years back. It is one of the smallest and compact CR that is available in the market. It comes with two different speed options (45/60 PPH) and can be positioned for horizontal and vertical feeds. It can be easily installed and serviced by the end user. One of the most unique features of this CR System is its compact footprint. It can be easily used in extreme conditions like mobile applications, veterinary, military or disaster recovery applications.

CARESTREAM Image Suite Software: Used across all Carestream products, this platform works perfectly through the entire chain, starting from scheduling to acquiring to post-processing, diagnosing and finally printing the report.

FOCUS 35 C Detector: It was launched in 2019. It is a CSI detector so it reduces the doses. Its wireless feature ensures that there is no hazard while the technologist is moving to the X-ray room.

DRX Plus Detectors: It comes with an auto-beam detect and can be directly integrated with any of the existing X-ray system. It has superior image quality with 135 micro resolutions. It can be shared within multiple detectors.

DRX Plus 35C Detector: It comes in smaller format for fast, easy positioning in pediatric trays. It is ideal for orthopedic tabletop imaging.

DRX Evolution Plus: It is customisable and DR solution designed to meet specific budget, room and workflow needs.  It is designed for future advanced applications.

DRYVIEW Printers: Under this category, Carestream has DRYVIEW 6950, DRYVIEW 5950 and DRYVIEW 5700. Along with this, the company also has DRYVIEW Laser Imaging Films which comes in five different sizes.

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