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AIG Hospitals offering virtual consultation through MFine mobile app

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Amidst Coronavirus outbreak, AIG Hospitals is facing up to the challenge to service patients in OPD, emergency

AIG Hospitals has turned to telemedicine to continue their OPD operations in the fight against the Coronavirus outbreak. Many doctors at AIG Hospitals are on MFine, which enables virtual medical consultations to connect with their patients. Virtual consultations help in preventing overcrowding of hospitals and reduce the risk of infection. It helps hospitals safeguard doctors and staff who are among the most at risk of contracting the virus. Telemedicine will also help patients to avoid crowded waiting rooms and potential infection. AIG Hospitals has two centres in Hyderabad and has more than 42 doctors who are currently consulting on MFine. 

Amidst the Coronavirus outbreak, AIG Hospital is facing up to the challenge to service patients in OPD and emergency. AIG is offering virtual consultation through the MFine mobile app to help alleviate their fears and asserting if a patient requires immediate attention or not. In response to the epidemic crisis, MFine has built a tool which enables preliminary assessment for Coronavirus and more than 15,000 users have got assessed with numbers increasing everyday. A range of medical super-specialities, for example, gastroenterology to nephrology, general medicine to dermatology and endocrinology to diabetology are available at AIG for remote consultations. The AIG medical staff is available online in adherence to the Government directives of keeping the essential services up and running.

MFine’s Coronavirus Assessment is built specifically to triage coronavirus symptoms at the earliest. It lets doctors consult with patients over a digital voice or video rather than in person; this enables them to see more patients without being exposed to the virus themselves. It also helps contain the spread by allowing patients to consult a doctor quickly from the comfort of their homes. During the consultation, the system collects basic information from the patients and triages severe cases through symptom mapping. The doctor interacts with the patient over audio and video, gives prescription and informs about warning signs like breathlessness, chest discomfort and dizziness. According to the patient’s exhibition of the warning signs, the doctor recommends treatment or hospital visit. The patient receives a prescription through the MFine app with a link to purchase medicines.

With the extension of nationwide lockdown until May 7 in the state, virtual consultations are becoming the norm and are being widely used by both patients and also healthcare professionals. Telemedicine helps to reduce the surge of patients in OPDs and avoids putting patients, doctors and other staff at risk of infection. It also helps all patients with other ailments to reach out to doctors while practicing social distancing during the lockdown period.

Tanjai Kapoor, Head of Marketing, AIG Hospitals said, “Since the outbreak, the number of patients who have consulted on MFine with our doctors has been growing week on week. Mobile technology can help reduce the panic and risk of infection to both patients and also healthcare workers. Through this versatile app, our doctors are happy to remotely serve the community wholeheartedly during this challenging time while limiting the spread of the virus among people, physicians and the staff.”

Prasad Kompalli, CEO and Co-Founder, MFine stated, “Online consultation is the best way for people to reach out to Doctors instead of crowding hospitals. Especially in times like these, it’s very important to maintain social distance and at the same time be in the care of experts i.e doctors. It’s great to see that hospitals are also pushing telemedicine capability using the MFine platform. With online consults, they are able to serve people and avoid the spread of the virus among people, physicians and the staff. ”

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