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Aiisma launches consumer to business data marketplace

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The marketplaces’ location sharing, health mapping features can be used for effective contact tracing, which has been strongest aid in fighting COVID-19 

Aiisma, an India born data marketplace, rewards users for consensually and anonymously trading their data via the Aiisma App. The marketplaces’ location sharing and health mapping features can be used for effective contact tracing, which has been the strongest aid in fighting COVID-19 so far. The insights gathered by the Aiisma ecosystem naturally create a digital fence against the COVID-19 spread, supporting citizens and authorities in the fight against the virus.

Via the Aiisma mobile app users can consensually and anonymously trade their behavioural data for rewards and receive extra compensation for viewing ads on the marketplace. Businesses access this data through the Aiisma dashboard in a legal and economical format, to create relevant products and services offerings. Furthermore, the same channel can deliver highly targeted text, banner and video ads to increase marketing efficiency for businesses. In light of the current COVID-19 situation, Aiisma has also expedited the release of its health mapping feature for individuals, to manually share and monitor health insights. Increased use of the app will enable authorities with pro-active responses, due to sudden variations in the data pool. It also intends to release a trigger function for authorities to send anonymous alerts to any Aiisma users who might have come in contact with any positive tested carrier.

With it’s #mydatamyasset philosophy, Aiisma intends to create a nationwide trend of returning the power of data back to users. Founded by Ankit Chaudhari and Nicholas Böhnlein in 2018, Aiisma’s goal is to be at the forefront of the approaching data driven economy. Data has been identified as the new gold and the Founders vision is to include consumers in a revenue sharing business model, solidifying the consumers value in the digital world.

Commenting on the launch of services, Ankit Chaudhari, Founder and CEO, Aiisma said, “India’s large and young population, which is digitally savvy, will make for one of the largest contributors in the approaching data economy. We at Aiisma believe that the users should reap financial rewards for this contribution and intend to do exactly this. A few days before the launch, I discussed with my father, who is a specialist microbiology consultant with the state government and he emphasised on the importance of real-time data to fight COVID-19, whilst respecting citizen privacy. This motivated us at Aiisma to expedite the health data feature, which in combination with location sharing will probably become the most used feature of our application over the coming weeks. The economic impact of the pandemic will wreak havoc for small and medium business, where again information from consumer generated data will act as an enabler for SMB’s to make smart decisions with respect to their path forward. The COVID-19 pandemic is an unfortunate situation for the world, but we are glad that we can make a positive contribution through the technology we have been building.”

Adding to this, Nicholas Böhnlein, Co-Founder and COO, Aiisma said, “As a millennial I understand the power and value of my data, which is regularly monetised under the pretext of freemium by BigTech companies. We at Aiisma want to give the power of data and the huge economic value back to data creators. With the help of Aiisma’s technology ecosystem, consumers can choose the kind of data they wish to share with businesses for a fair value. In our eyes every individual is a #datapreneur. We look forward to our launch and hope to bring value to Indian consumers. Also, I would like to mention that we are open to sharing anonymous information with the respective authorities to assist them fighting the pandemic.”

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