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Apollo Spectra Hospital makes strict protocols for for OPD, IPD services

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Maintain social distancing. OPD patients to avoid using common washrooms

Coronavirus is a growing matter of concern in India. To break the transmission, cycle the spread of COVID-19, Apollo Spectra Hospital made a strict protocol for all patients coming for OPD service and In-Patient Department (IPD) Services.

Dr Tushar Rane, Internal Medicine Expert, Apollo Spectra Hospital Mumbai, highlighted, “Each and every protocol associated with quality is followed by the hospital. The entire hospital has been sanitised for the safety of the patients. Triple screening for everyone at the entrance is done it includes temperature checks with thermal guns and sanitising. Strict IPC (Infection Prevention Control) is followed. Cohorting of patients and staff is being done to ensure that any untoward incident can be contained and all exposed individual can be easily traced. The staff follows the World Health Organisation (WHO) and The Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR’s) protocols as promulgated by the Government Health authorities.

Things to be remember while visiting hospitals:

  1. Fill in the self-assessment COVID checklist at entrance
  2. Use of a digital mode of payment
  3. Arrive on time for your scheduled appointment
  4. Entry for patient only, if necessary only one family member allowed per patient
  5. Keep personal belongings like bags etc. in your vehicle / waiting room and carry your mask and pen
  6. Maintain social distancing. OPD patients to avoid using common washrooms
  7. Avoid high touching areas like stair handles, lift buttons, etc.
  8. Diagnostic reports will be published online

Dr Rane, added, “Physical distancing of minimum 3-feet distance, sanitising hands frequently, wiping patient’s files / cards, etc. before and after handing them over is ensured. Housekeeping team and nurses wear personal protective equipment (PPEs), frequently touched areas (like chairs, door handles, knobs, tables, etc) are sanitised from time to time. The food and beverages team ensures proper kitchen hygiene and sanitisation. Bio-medical waste is collected in allocated disposable bags and discarded, and deep cleaning with scrubbing is also done.”

“The hospital with its state-of-the-art facilities aims to bring together world-class medical services and best healthcare management practices for serving patients. So, with the latest equipment and expertise from experienced doctors, Apollo Spectra Hospital is committed to help patients deal with illnesses, enhance their quality of life, and ensure their safety. The hospital staff is committed to serve patients and provide quality treatment,” concluded Dr Rane.

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