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Aster to setup Innovation and Research Centre in GCC, India

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Dr Satish Prasad Rath, MD appointed as Chief of Innovation to spearhead innovation projects that will aim to leverage advances in digital health research

To improve the ultimate health outcomes for patients and enhance their overall experience at all its facilities, Aster DM Healthcare is setting up Aster Innovation and Research Centre in GCC and India. Over the next three years, the centre will aim to achieve key milestones like introduction of innovative solutions for home healthcare with focus on digital primary care, establishing a rich ecosystem of digital health partners from startups to academia and starting digital health/ informatics/ medicine as a stream for future healthcare workers.

Joining as the Chief of Innovation, Dr Satish Prasad Rath, MD would be spearheading the innovation projects that will aim to leverage the advances in digital health research like AI, cognitive psychology, blockchain, IoT, behavioural economics etc. and on-board startups which can drive innovation. The centre will also work in a collaborative manner focussing on applied research with academia, startups and industry partners.

Aster DM Healthcare has the unique positioning of providing an integrated service offering that ranges from primary care (aster clinics and pharmacy) to quaternary care, along with an in-house research centre as MIMS Research Foundation and a medical college as DM Wayanad Institute of Medical Sciences (DMWIMS). The new centre will accelerate various ongoing innovation projects being led by different units, like the diabetes, sepsis and dialysis projects; and will be working to introduce an interdisciplinary subject on digital health/medicine at DMWIMS.

Dr Rath, a post-graduate medical doctor and a digital health scientist with multiple patents, comes with rich experience of leading research and innovation labs at Xerox Innovation Group, Wipro Technologies, Intel labs and Philips Research. He is also an adviser to several startups and incubators.

Dr Azad Moopen, Founder , Chairman and Managing Director, Aster DM Healthcare said, “Our main objective as an organisation has been to ensure that quality and affordable healthcare is easily available at the doorsteps of our patients. With evolving patient needs, it is essential to focus on digital transformation of healthcare because of advances being made in various areas like AI, genomics and molecular biology which is likely to produce a quantum leap. We are confident that under the leadership of Dr Satish, Aster Innovation and Research Centre would play a major role in introducing the most advanced and unique patient care solutions and enable our organisation to become one of the most technologically progressive healthcare providers in the world.”

Commenting on the occasion, Dr Satish said, “Today, there are many inefficiencies being experienced by the healthcare industry. We can reach far more people who are not able to access health system due to geography, knowledge or affordability constraints. Leveraging AI, IoT, blockchain, cognitive computing we can address these difficult segments in sustainable way. We will be tapping into the rich evolving entrepreneurship culture of startups and academia in a collaborative model whom we can curate and co-create for better future. Simultaneously we will be preparing the digital health aware/ empowered workforce in collaboration with the government and teaching institutions.”

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