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Bhatia Hospital inaugurates cath lab

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The facility will enable hospital to offer angiography, angioplasty facilities within its premises with heart specialists, anaesthesiologists on duty 24×7

Bhatia Hospital recently inaugurated a cath lab department to cater to the increasing number of patients with heart-related issues in the city. The new facility will enable the hospital to offer angiography and angioplasty facilities within its premises now. The cardiology department will have heart specialists and anaesthesiologists on duty 24×7. The cath lab treatment will be carried out by Dr Anuj Basin and his team of professional expert interventional cardiologists and surgeons.

Given the high volume of cardiovascular cases the hospital receives, the advanced lab will benefit a significant number of patients. Globally, cardiovascular disease is the number one cause of death in most countries. In India, more than 17 lakh people die every year due to heart diseases and by 2030, the figure is expected to increase with 2.3 crore deaths.

Bhatia Hospital will be using the advanced technology of Philips Azurion series new generation image guidance in diagnostic, interventional and minimally invasive surgery procedures for clinical application areas including vascular, non-vascular, cardiovascular and neuro related procedures. The technology will perform cardiac imaging applications like diagnostics, interventional and minimally invasive surgery procedures.

The facility is specifically designed for the interventional lab to provide both high performance for real-time multitasking and an outstanding user experience where interventional team members can work parallelly at flexible work spots without interrupting each other. This can lead to higher throughput and faster exam turnover.

Dr RB Dastur, Medical Director, Bhatia Hospital said, “Life-saving procedures are a priority and we will continue to invest in technology, manpower and management systems to provide the highest quality of care to our patients. The introduction of this technology will directly benefit patient outcomes and experience. The advanced cath lab will have digital angiography along with road map facilities where catheter is inserted in the arteries which are used to show the vascular pathway. Cath lab machinery capable of monitoring the arteries carrying blood to the heart for blockages is also available. In case blockages are detected, Angioplasty is carried out to remove them. The machinery used to monitor the arteries carrying blood to the brain, kidney, lungs is also available.”

The hospital will also provide angiography and angioplasty at affordable rates for people from lower economic backgrounds.

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