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Delhi’s mid-night clinic becomes operational at Safdarjung Enclave

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Consultancy and diagnostic services of various disciplines will be provided at the clinic

In an initiative to provide quality healthcare beyond routine office-hours, Delhi’s first mid-night clinic has been started at Safdarjung Enclave. Christened ‘K’Night Clinic’, this initiative is the brainchild of Dr Kaushal Kant Mishra, Head of Orthopedic and Trauma Unit, Primus Super Specialty Hospital, Delhi where consultancy and diagnostic services will be provided of various disciplines.

“The idea behind K’Night Clinic is to provide healthcare services till 12.00 am (midnight). This one-of-a-kind clinic has been started first time in India. If successful, the concept will be expanded to NCR region. To begin with orthopaedic, ENT and dermatology services will be available from leading doctors,” said Dr. Mishra.

“The new approach of providing medical help in late evening hours will definitely benefit thousands of those patients who cannot seek medical help in routine office-hours. The K’Night Clinic has been launched for those professionals who remain busy from 10 am to 6 pm with routine jobs, hence don’t have time for health check-up during day hours. K’Night Clinic will provide healthcare services till 12.00 am (midnight). This initiative of providing medical help at odd hours will help patients reach the clinic in no time as most of the roads become free from traffic congestion. This has been planned to ease overcrowding in hospitals and to make healthcare services available at their preferable time,” added Dr Mishra.

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