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ekincare helping India Inc fight COVID-19 with free telemedicine services

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ekincare has doctors on their own payroll, ensuring exceptional employee experience during online consultations and 20 second response time to any health query

As the COVID-19 virus wreaks havoc with the healthcare system, telemedicine proved an important weapon in bridging the gap between people, physicians, and health systems. A Hyderabad-based corporate health benefits start-up, ekincare is helping India Inc fight COVID-19 by providing free telemedicine services to employees of more than 600 companies and their dependents.

From top Fortune 500 companies like Unilever, eBay, Nike, Kotak Mahindra to start-ups like Grofers, Faasos, XOXOday and Byjus, a lot of organisations have actively come forward to help their employees fight the coronavirus through ekincare’s 24×7 online doctor consultations.

Since there is currently no vaccine for coronavirus, the best way to prevent infection is to avoid exposure. Telemedicine reduces the spread of infection by keeping patients away from others. Sick people stay home rather than exposing others, including their doctors and anyone they encounter en-route to a doctor’s appointment or in a healthcare facility.

ekincare has doctors on their own payroll. This has ensured an exceptional employee experience during their online consultations and a 20 second response time to any health query on the platform.

Using the tech-driven ekincare platform, doctors get access to an individual’s health history once connected, making the consultation very apt and to-the-point. With end-to-end integration with other health services, doctors are able to give prescriptions as per the new telemedicine guidelines, for COVID tests or medications.

In order to fight the COVID-19 pandemic, ekincare has built a symptom checker for self-assessment, temperature tracking into the platform which enables employees and their dependents to check themselves for the coronavirus symptoms, seek doctor consults if at risk, followed by COVID-19 RT-PCR testing if required by ICMR approved network partners pan India.

Insights from all the metrics collected – ekincare telemedicine platform:

  • 221 per cent increase in online doctor consultations – With the country under lockdown, telemedicine helped employees of these companies who have started using the ekincare platform to connect with doctors, and get their health queries resolved in a timely manner. The ekincare online doctor consultation, was rated an average 4.6 / 5, was indeed helpful to the employees during these tough times.
  • 76 per cent of doctor consults were non-COVID related – While the pandemic created mass hysteria, ekincare doctors were able to help employees with queries beyond those just regarding coronavirus. 65 per cent of the consults were on general health and around 11 per cent were for chronic issues like diabetes, hypertension, etc.
  • 23 per cent doctor consults done after work hours – With ekincare doctors available 24×7, they were able to help employees outside the 8-to-8 work schedule. Employees spent an average of 22 minutes chatting with the doctors to get their queries resolved.
  • 10 per cent consults were for employees’ dependents – ekincare telemedicine services were used by the employee’s family members as well, as employees can add up to five dependents on the platform to share the benefits with them too.

Roshni Pillai, Deputy Manager- HR, Shriram Housing Finance, said, “Thank you for the free consultation services from ekincare. I appreciate the efforts taken by ekincare. All our employees are benefited in some or the other way. During these hard times taking an initiative like this is very thoughtful of you all. Special thanks to everyone who is part of this.

 Disha Rambhiya, Head – Employee Engagement & Corporate Communications, HDFC, stated, “ekincare’s free online doctor consultation has been of great help to our employees. The thought of giving free online service to the client is in itself a very big step to help society. We are glad that we could give our employees this benefit. The online consultation is a big boon for the employees stuck during this lockdown period.”

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