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Tripura doctor develops PPE face shield costing only ₹40

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According to Dr Arkadip Choudhury, an assistant professor at the Tripura Medical College (TMC), the face shield, ‘Stopdrop’, was made with readily available inexpensive materials

A doctor from Tripura has developed a PPE face shield costing only ₹40, to protect frontline medical personnel from contracting COVID-19 while treating patients.

A face shield is a protective gear with a transparent visor attached to a headband. It protects the wearer from coming in contact with respiratory droplets through which, according to the World Health Organisation, the novel coronavirus spreads.

Dr Arkadip Choudhury, an assistant professor at the Tripura Medical College (TMC), said that he developed the face shield, ‘Stopdrop’, using readily available inexpensive materials.

With the coronavirus outbreak affecting delivery of products, Dr Choudhury made the face shield using compressed polyester, inexpensive straps and visors.

The medical institution he is employed in, procured 300 pieces of ‘Stopdrop’ after rigorously testing the product and placed an order for 2,000 more units at the rate of ₹40 per piece.

“The manufacturing cost of a face shield used in Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is only ₹20-25, but is sold in the range of ₹250 to ₹499 in pharmacies and online retail platforms,” the 31-year-old medical practitioner told PTI.

“According to the guidelines issued by the Union Ministry of Health, PPE kits, including face shields, are given only to personnel treating confirmed COVID-19 patients. However, with the number of asymptomatic patients on the rise, the medical personnel are at a higher risk of contracting the disease,” he said.

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