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Fujifilm showcases its latest medical devices at the 73rd Annual IRIA Conference 2020

Along with displaying the extensive broad portfolio of Advanced Medical Imaging and Information System, the company also announces the launch of two books on emerging technology in diagnosis and management of breast cancer

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Fujifilm India recently displayed its latest medical systems at the 73rd National Conference of the Indian Radiological and Imaging Association (IRIA). The three-day long conference is scheduled from 23rd – 26th January 2020 at MMCC, Gandhinagar, Ahmedabad, India. As part of the event, Fujifilm will be displaying its latest medical devices like FDR – Smart F, FDR – D-EVO II, FDR – SE Lite, FCR – Prima T, Full Field Digital Mammography (FFDM) – Amulet Innovality and Synapse PACS.

In DR systems, the company is displaying the FDR Smart F – Fujifilm’s latest high-quality, cost-effective digital X-ray system that can be easily installed in limited spaces and is easy to use. This product was especially designed for emerging countries like India. Whereas in the FDR D-EVO series, the company will be showcasing FDR – D-EVO II detector that allows smart image processing and dose efficiency for the patients. Fujifilm will also preview the FDR SE Lite retrofit DR detector at the annual meeting. The detector is geared towards bringing DR technology to specialty and small medical practices. In CR systems, Fujifilm will be displaying the Prima TM – an affordable high-speed image processing tabletop FCR (Fuji Computed Radiography) with mammography compatibility. The machine supports a space-saving design and provides superior image quality of 50 micron resolutions.

In medical informatics, the company will showcase the SYNAPSE-PACS, RIS and mobility solution to provide improved workflow, efficiency and quality of reporting in radiology departments. Since 1999, Synapse has been transforming healthcare organisations with continuous innovation in diagnostic image management, advanced visualisation, enterprise imaging workflow and shared informatics architecture.

In the ultrasound space, Fujifilm will display the SonoSite X-Porte FC-I – an ultrasound machine with breakthrough extreme definition imaging for pinpoint precision. It comes with educational resources such as step-by-step tutorials viewable simultaneously with live scans. Also, on display will be, the newly launched Visionary DX – BMD, Newtom – CBCT and X-Air (Hand-held Portable X-ray system).

Commenting on the association with IRIA 2020, Haruto Iwata, Managing Director, Fujifilm India said, “Today’s healthcare enterprises are entirely focussed on improving the quality of healthcare and we at Fujifilm are principally committed at bringing advanced imaging strategies keeping in mind the industry needs. With increasing digitalisation and use of AI in healthcare, we aim to provide our users high-value care with the cutting-edge technologies. As trailblazers in healthcare sector, we are proud to showcase our wide range of medical systems at the 73rd National Conference of the Indian Radiological and Imaging Association. We have designed these technologies to offer comfortable and efficient procedures, and help clinicians deliver the best possible patient outcomes.”

Chandrashekhar Sibal, Senior Vice President – Medical Division, Fujifilm India, added, “At Fujifilm, our key focus areas are early detection of breast cancer, end TB programme, early detection of lung cancer and colon cancer through state-of-the-art products like Full Field Digital Mammography, FCR & FDR Systems and Endoscopy Systems. We are even focused on digitisation, Tele radiology and AI for faster and quality diagnosis of breast cancer, tuberculosis and lung cancer. With such associations, we will continue to innovate and provide high-quality medical solutions that contribute to better healthcare facilities and services in India.”

The company will also announce the launch of two books at the conference i.e. Full Field Digital Mammography – CEDM written by Dr Rashmi Sudhir from Indo American Cancer Hospital, Hyderabad and FDR – “Digital Radiography the Power of Imaging” (A book on cases done by our users on our DR systems). The books highlight the emerging technology in diagnosis and management of breast cancer. It further highlights unique technologies by Fujifilm that offer solutions to support these diagnoses at an early stage.

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