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Gut microbiome test – BugSpeaks Package launched

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The package not only includes BugSpeaks test report which provides unique insights into gut microbiota, actionable recommendation to improve gut health but also add-ons from partner companies

Leucine Rich Bio has launched gut microbiome test – BugSpeaks in a new avatar. The test will now be called as a package that will include a slew of benefits for the consumer. The package highlights the various inclusions that will help the end user get more value for his investment into this one of its kind unique health test. The package not only includes the BugSpeaks test report which provides unique insights into the gut microbiota and actionable recommendation to improve gut health but also add-ons from partner companies like Nutritatva (healthy foods) and My22BMI (personalised nutritional coaching).

The BugSpeaks microbiome report contains the following insights: –

Disease susceptibility (non-diagnostic) – Gut microbiome has been found to be associated with many diseases. Developed on a patent pending matrix, the report provides an insight on the possible susceptibility of various diseases based on the gut microbiota profile of the individual. This will help the person to take necessary preventive and curative measures and can hence improve the overall health.

Personalised nutritional recommendation – It is now understood that imbalance in the gut microflora can lead to various diseases. Since food can modulate gut microflora, it is important to translate that knowledge to practise. The report provides personalised nutritional recommendations that are based on the gut microbiota present in an individual. The unique three phase nutritional recommendation can help improve the overall gut health.

Supplement recommendation – Probiotics and prebiotics are known to improve gut microbiota profile. But having the right ones and in the right quantity can do the trick. The report provides personalised guidance as to which probiotics are actually needed by the individual. We also provide the natural sources of the probiotics, if any.

Gut microbiome index (GMI) – A unique offering based on a patent pending matrix that provides a snapshot of the microbial gut health. Better the score, better is the gut microbial health.

Apart from the above test report with unique insights, the end user will be able to avail the following: –

Special discount for buying healthy food

BugSpeaks package will include discount coupons for buying healthy food from Nutritatva. Nutritatva is a new generation food tech company which is into manufacturing of nutritionally balanced food

Free consultation and special discount for nutritional diet package

My22BMI is an online digital platform for diet and nutritional planning. All BugSpeaks customers will get free consultation and discount on basic nutritional package

Leucine Rich Bio has launched three variants of the package keeping in mind the need for multiple gut microbiome tests for certain end users.

Dr Debojyoti Dhar, Co-Founder and Director, Leucine Rich Bio shares his insights on this new BugSpeaks Package. He says “Leucine Rich Bio has been in the forefront of shaping the microbiome space in India. We always believed that since this is a novel space, consumers needed to be educated and encouraged to experience this test to improve their overall health. We believe that this test package will help consumers get more value out of their investment in their own health. Based on the same premise of helping our consumers, we had started ‘our experts’ section on our BugSpeaks website that enables consumers to get in touch with relevant clinicians, nutritionists, wellness centres etc. at their city of choice, who understand microbiome domain or have dealt with our reports”.

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