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HCG Cancer Hospital’s cytokine therapy receives DCGI approval 

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Clinical trials on human to commence soon

The Centre of Academic Research of HCG Cancer Hospital has received permission from Drug Controller General of India (DCGI) to conduct cytokine therapy trials on humans, named as I-Crest protocol (Immuno-modulatory Cell-deRived cytokine ES Therapy). 

Acclaimed as the first such development in the world, the WHO registered clinical trials of cytokine therapy gained momentum with the encouraging support from Government of India and Government of Karnataka.

The therapy recently concluded animal studies showing desired results and has received approval for a single-centre, non-randomised, single-arm, open-label, proof-of-concept, first-in-man interventional trial. The trial will be conducted at HCG Cancer Hospital, Bengaluru.

Cytokine therapy is aimed at treating patients with mild or moderate symptomatic covid-19 infection cases. This cytokine therapy is essentially a mix of chemical messengers that helps accentuate the switch from passive to active immunity. It also enhances the release of Interferons, which plays a crucial role in the early phases of the infection. This mixture is useful in the early phases and symptomatic patients.

Clinical trial is set to commence from early next week and the pre-screening of individuals who can volunteer will start immediately. There are a set of criteria and guidelines that needs to be followed prior to selecting an individual for the trial.

Speaking on the initiative Dr BS Ajaikumar, CEO and Chairman, HealthCare Global (HCG) said, “India aims to be at the forefront of research and make contributions in understanding and finding solutions to contain the COVID-19 pandemic. I am glad that HCG is playing an important part in putting our best scientific foot forward in contributing towards the war against COVID-19. At HCG, we not only focus on providing affordable, quality care and best outcomes in cancer care, but research and academics are also equally important for us to serve the people at large. We appreciate the support provided by the government in encouraging our efforts to conduct cytokine therapy trials on humans to combat the current pandemic.”


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