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Healthians launches employees’ Covid screening at ₹350

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Introduces HPlus corporate shield to prepare offices to prevent COVID-19 and test their employees before asking them to join back

After relaxations proposed for orange and green zones, businesses need to be prepared to conduct safe operations. Employers can now get their employees screened for Covid19 at ₹350 to ensure utmost safety before asking to join work. This shall ensure a safe workplace. 

Healthians has launched HPlus CorpShield for solving corporates’ COVID-19 problem by offering a three-dimensional service approach: Doorstep health screening of employees, awareness and monitoring and auditing of workspaces. 

 Healthians’ business and life continuity services solution, HPlus CorpShield tackles the current problem by offering doorstep health screening of employees at ₹350 and their housemates before they are called to work. The screening will include temperature check, SPO2 check, physical symptom check which will classify employees as those who are fit to join, or doubtful or unfit. Awareness is aimed at providing useful information through webinars, SOPs, posters, and content for offices, while monitoring and auditing service includes weekly supervision of the sanitization process, PPE kits for employees complete with masks, gloves, etc. 

Healthians has put together a team of WHO and UK certified pandemic and disease prevention experts and doctors to assure business leaders and allow them to focus on their core work and leave the safety of their employees to the experts. 

Deepak Sahni, CEO and Founder, Healthians, said, “COVID-19 pandemic has become a challenge for every single business out there. Considering the threat that it poses, we should ensure a safe environment for our stakeholders as well as our economy before going back to the office. We, at Healthians, are pleased to offer HPlus CorpShield, a 3-dimensional service approach to ensure COVID-19 free workspaces.”

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