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Helyxon’s digital solutions – ‘OXY-2’ and ‘98.6 Fever Watch’ offer effective way to manage COVID-19

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Helyxon’s AI-enabled devices keep track of spikes, aberrations and whenever anomaly is observed system generated call alert is made to user while automatic escalation to local provider is done

With the COVID-19 outbreak overwhelming healthcare systems across the globe and creating an acute need for effective new age technologies for constant monitoring of patients, Helyxon’s AI-enabled devices are viable solutions for better management of the pandemic.

However, when the outbreak grows requiring remote monitoring of huge number of suspected people, people at home or in isolation, monitoring and updating these parameters for all patients becomes a challenge. Helyxon’s digital solutions – ‘OXY-2’ and ‘98.6 Fever Watch’ offer an effective way to manage the outbreak.

Helyxon works in close collaboration with IITM’s Healthcare Technology Innovation Centre (HTIC) in IIT Madras Research Park, which works under the leadership of Prof Mohanasankar Sivaprakasam. Oxy-2 and 98.6 FeverWatch are two deep tech innovations developed by Helyxon jointly with HTIC.

“With number of patients increasing exponentially and flooding hospitals, this is an overwhelming time for healthcare providers across the globe. What they need are appropriate technological interventions to help ease processes by automating as many mundane, critical and high-risk tasks, as possible. COVID-19 patients, particularly those deemed high risk, need continuous monitoring of temperature, heart rate as well as oxygen saturation as these parameters can oscillate suddenly and dangerously. Our AI-backed biosensor devices reliably captures trend of such parameters and alerts the remote medical staff or an attendant in case of any anomaly. This allows immediate intervention when needed; plus it also cuts down the work of regular manual monitoring which is in any case impossible for thousands of patients,” says Vijai Shankar Raja, Founder, Helyxon.

“The digital solutions are very useful for intensive care settings as well as for monitoring at- home patients suffering from not just COVID-19 but also conditions as serious as IMR and MMR and as simple as seasonal flu, which require constant support through sustained engagement. As India prepares for a surge in COVID-19 cases, it is important that hospitals and healthcare systems adopt technology-backed solutions to better manage the outbreak. Our digital systems OXY-2 and 98.6 Fever Watch offer viable solutions to manage large numbers of patients in both hospital and home settings. They can also be very helpful in helping effectively manage quarantined patients of COVID-19,” said Sridhar Ranganathan, CEO, Helyxon.

The devices keep a track of the spikes and aberrations and whenever an anomaly is observed a system generated call alert is made to the user while an automatic escalation to the local provider is done. The devices are equipped with Geo-fencing tracking alerts to keep a track of patients’ movements and ensure isolated patients do not violate the provisions of quarantine.

The 98.6 Fever Watch is particularly useful for unwell children in whom continuous monitoring of temperature is a vital parameter in disease management. The compact watch weighs 5 gm and is 1.5 inches in diameter. It connects to hospital systems or personal systems or devices and keeps transferring patient information to a central dashboard.

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