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India Inc’s primary healthcare experience is broken: Loop Health survey

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73% of India Inc’s employees say they do not have a trusted doctor that compromises their primary care experience

COVID-19 has shone a spotlight on the limitations of healthcare services. The lack of simple, accessible and equitable healthcare affects the overall wellbeing of individuals and their quality of experience with healthcare services. This is the finding of health insurance broker Loop Health’s survey with India Inc’s employees.

A survey conducted among 2500 users of Loop Health’s platform, reveals that 73 percent of India Inc’s employees do not have a primary care provider that they trust, or can access when they are sick. This compromises their primary healthcare experience and consequently their wellness. 35 percent of all employees surveyed report that they have low trust in their local GP, citing poor experiences and non-allopathic medical advice. Nearly 40 percent of employees report doing at least two doctor consultations per year, but say that they don’t have a strong relationship with any one healthcare provider.

Amrit Singh, CRO of Loop Health says, “With a constant medical advisor available 24*7 on our app, we want to build a relationship with the patient just like a trusted family doctor. Always on and there to support, we’ll empower more people to live better and healthier lives. Our focus is on health data, and the usefulness of that data for doctors and the medical team, without compromising on privacy, fairness and transparency.”

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