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Internet services in 80 hospitals in Kashmir restored

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The move which is a big relief for patients and healthcare professionals in the valley

After initial hiccups, broadband internet services were restored in 80 government hospitals and nursing homes in Kashmir, officials said, a move which is being seen as a big relief for patients and healthcare professionals in the valley.

Dr Saleem Tak, Medical Superintendent, Chest Disease Hospital, Srinagar confirmed that internet started working in the facility on Thursday, “Which is a big relief to us as well as for patients”. An official of the Jammu and Kashmir administration said, “Broadband high-speed internet connectivity was restored at 80 government hospitals, including health centres and offices linked to the department of health, across Kashmir.”

The internet services were to start at the government-run hospitals from midnight of December 31 as a new year gift to the people in the valley but it could not resume due to some technical issues, officials said.

Tak said restoration of internet facilities will help hospitals to update their patient care records, especially about centrally-sponsored schemes like the Ayushman Bharat. “It will help poor patients to receive medical facilities free of cost,” he added.

“Now we can consult other doctors across India and the world for seeking guidance related to patient care and also updating our system for which internet is necessary,” he further added.

Pervez Shah, Principal, Government Medical College, Srinagar also confirmed that internet was working at seven hospitals out of the eight associated facilities. Work was on for restoration on internet services in one nursing home, he added.

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