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Invento Robotics launches food, medicine delivery robots for COVID-19 wards

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After launching humanoid robots which greet patients and record their symptoms, Bengaluru based Invento Robotics recently launched a food and medicine delivery robot.

Besides the company’s humanoid robots, reportedly in use at Fortis Hospitals, Bengaluru Invento’s robots are also being used to disinfect COVID-19 isolation wards.

Their latest product is a food and medicine delivery robot, in use in Apollo Hospital, Indore to deliver food and medicines to patients in isolation wards in the hospital. As per a company release, the autonomous robot can navigate the topography of a hospital once programmed. The height of the robot and the placement of the containers enables easy access even for patients with mobility issues. Healthcare workers can ensure that every patient is getting the right medication via a video call facility that is part of the robot’s features, .

Speaking about how they re-configured their Mitra robot, a humanoid originally designed to automate retail store experience, to meet the requirements arising due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Balaji Viswanathan, founder and CEO, Invento Robotics says, “Like all businesses Invento had to look for new ways to adjust to the new normal that can benefit society and nation. We have understood that screening and disinfection are going to be a daily need going forward in personal and commercial spaces and hospitals. We are experts in computer vision, speech recognition, and autonomous navigation already and have been solving problems in this space for four years. We made the necessary changes to address the new problems with the existing technologies we have built.”

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