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KARAM announces #Savethesaviours awareness campaign for healthcare workers

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Launched last month across KARAM’s social media platforms, campaign will be on till July 7, 2020, is divided into three phases

KARAM has initiated an awareness drive to highlight the threats that healthcare workers are facing everyday, while selflessly working to save the country from the pandemic.

Healthcare workers are the real heroes who are putting their lives at stake by contributing towards saving lives and making people feel safer. And, in order to help them, KARAM has introduced the #Savethesaviours campaign. Launched last month across KARAM’s social media platforms, the campaign will be on till July 7, 2020 and is divided into three phases. Each of these aims to raise awareness about the day to day threats that the healthcare workers are facing while selflessly working to protect lives.

The overall campaign delivers a powerful message on social media to show support towards the community and indicate threatening hazards at the workplace, the right use of PPE equipment.

Speaking about the initiative, Kavita Nigam, Chief Human Resources Officer at KARAM Group said, “As part of our mission to spread awareness about the COVID-19 pandemic, we have launched the campaign to spread awareness about the threatening hazards that our healthcare workers are facing every day and helping them identify the right PPE and its utilisation. The campaign will bring the healthcare workers of India into its fold and drive a collaborative approach towards their safety and well-being during the ongoing situation.”

The different phases include:

Phase 1: Potential hazards at healthcare settings

Highlighting the biological hazards, chemical hazards, hazards from use of latex gloves, electric hazards and everyday risks at healthcare settings

This phase helps in spreading awareness about risks from exposure to:

  • Airborne and blood-borne pathogens which causes a serious risk to healthcare workers i.e. causing and transmitting infectious diseases which include bacteria, fungi and viruses in hospitals
  • Hazardous chemical; careful selection and adequate use of chemicals for treating patients, cleaning, disinfecting etc.
  • Slips and falls; everyday risks at healthcare include; wet floors, grease or food, tripping hazards – cords, tubing or hoses, bad lighting and floor mats and runners which are used improperly
  • Latex allergies; the workers are at high risk of infections such as itching and runny nose, difficulty in breathing and anaphylaxis (allergy-induced shock) which is due to frequent exposure of latex gloves
  • Electric hazards; ensuring employees to be aware of electric shocks, electrocutions fire, damaged electrical cords which can lead to possible shocks or electrocutions

Phase 2: Choosing the right PPE for different applications

This phase helps in identifying the right PPE for different applications. The most important factor of this phase is to ensure proper utilisation of PPE and make sure that healthcare workers are fully aware about their protection at the workplace and ensure the PPE fulfil various requirements:

  • Correct application – right fit – nature of the hazard
  • Severity of the hazard – localisation of the contaminated area – reliability of the equipment

Phase 3: Showcasing the product with key features

  • The third and last phase showcases the product offering by KARAM and explains their key features along with correct utilisation
  • Further spreading awareness about the right solution in a particular situation
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