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Maser Technology launches ATULYA steriliser to combat COVID-19

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Union Cabinet Minister Shri Nitin Gadkari, Minister for MSME and Road Transport & Highways launched ATULYA, a handheld steriliser from Maser Technology. Based on DRDO technology, the product claims to enable sterilisation of surfaces, surroundings and aerosols during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Maser Technology is an Indian medical MSME working on microwave technology for disinfection solutions.

Also present at the launch was Dr Vikas Mahatme, Member of Parliament and Padma Shri awardee ophthalmologist, Shivani Dani Wakhre, President – BJYM Nagpur and others.

According to a release, ATULYA runs on technology developed by Defence Institute of Advanced Technology, Pune, deemed university of DRDO. The steriliser is operated as a handheld device and depending on the shape and size it has the capability to sterilise objects, surfaces, surroundings and aerosols within 30 seconds to 1 minute with a patented smart technology which enables cold sterilisation in the range of 56-60 Celsius temperature (MACSR).

The 4.5 kg model of the product runs on connected power supply of 5 amp. The company is also working on developing a portable battery version of the same.

“At Maser we are always working on solutions that ensure safety of people through disinfection and sterilisation. This ambition led us to associate with DIAT (DRDO) and introduce ATULYA steriliser that would enable a safe surrounding for people. The microwave technology of the product can disintegrate viruses and safeguard users during this pandemic. A 30 second simple scan by ATULYA sterilises any surface upto 5 metres depth, thus eliminating any trace of COVID-19 or similar viruses and bacteria. Prof. K.P. Ray, Dean DIAT (DRDO), is the co-innovator of ‘ATULYA’ and is a world authority on microwave technology. We consider this our responsibility in the current unprecedented times to bring this solution to the masses,” said Monish Bhandari, founder and MD, Maser Technology.

“It is delightful to see our intelligent Indian minds working on technology backbone and come up with solutions like ATULYA, while we combat COVID 19. This highlights how our Indian MSMEs are taking the vision of ‘Vocal for Local’ a step ahead with every innovation,” said Union Minister Shri Nitin Gadkari.

Johari Digital Healthcare has engineered this device. Commenting on the launch, Satyendra Johari, Founder and Chairman – Johari Digital Healthcare said, “We consider this as our responsibility in the current unprecedented times to bring the solution to the masses. Glad we have made a contribution to the efforts towards containing the virus. What sets ATULYA apart from the traditional equipment is the microwave technology it works on as it is powered by high-frequency waves which ensures that only the virus is eliminated and no harm is done to any surface. Going forward, we aim to increase our volumes and work on a variant that weighs less so that it can become a household product.”

As per the company, ATULYA is tested for Covid / virus sterilisation by DIAT using the revolutionary Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) technique. The unit is compliant to NFX French Sterilization Compliance, STAATT II compliant (USA) and is CE and EN13485 certified for international quality standards.

ATULYA will be available for government purchase on Government e-Market procurement portal (GeM – ) and on e-commerce website Amazon ( ) at an introductory price of INR 12,700/- + taxes.

Parameter Atulya by Maser MD-1
Power Source AC 220V, 50Hz, 15A
Magnetron 2.4GHz
Magnetron Wattage 800 W
Magnetron Anode Voltage 4.2 KV
Accessories AC Cord
Device Weight (kgs) 7.7
Device Dimensions (LxWxH) (cms) 31.0 x 33.4 x 26.7
Packaging Weight (kgs) 10.75
Packaging Dimensions (LxWxH) (cms) 54.2 x 44.2 x 42.5
Introductory Price  Rs 12,700/- + taxes
Availability Amazon – 7-10 days from order date

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