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Max Healthcare join hands with Urban Company

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Doctors from Max Hospitals  will conduct a series of 12 workshops for all Urban Company partners

Urban Company announced a year-long collaboration with Max Healthcare to build awareness on critical health issues and illnesses for the partners. As part of the collaboration, doctors from Max Hospitals will conduct monthly health talks and bi-yearly eye check-ups for Urban Company partners across North and West India.

The awareness workshops will be conducted virtually for service partners in Delhi-NCR, Chandigarh, and Mumbai. The sessions are designed to cover various topics, including awareness around cervical health, thyroid, heart health, women’s health, alcoholism and its repercussions, mental health and stress management, arthritis prevention, breast cancer, diabetes, AIDS etc.

The first session on Cervical Health Awareness was held on 24 January, where Dr Seema Jain, Director of the Obstetric and Gynaecology department held a talk for more than 300 partners from across the country.

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