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MediBuddy, Great Place to Work India join hands to host industry conclave

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In form of panel discussion on future of healthcare in India. The panel tried to map ideal way forward for healthcare to be efficient and effective in India

On the occasion of the World Day for Health and Safety at Work and against the backdrop of the COVID pandemic, MediBuddy and Great Place to Work India joined hands to host an industry conclave in the form of a panel discussion on the future of healthcare in India. 

The panel consisted of leaders and experts from various facets of the industry who shared their thoughts and perspective on various issues connected with well-being, care and cure. The panel also tried to map the ideal way forward for healthcare to be efficient and effective in a nation like India.

The consensus was that in this rapidly changing world, needs in the healthcare space would also change very fast as indeed the changing needs in workplaces. The response from the healthcare industry would have to involve new thinking, innovation and a coherent approach that delivers healthcare outcomes in a sustained and cost-efficient manner. 

The panellists included Ankur Nijhawan, CEO, AXA Reinsurance, Chandra Sekhar C, CEO – Apollo Health & Lifestyle, Chaitanya Sreenivas, Head, HR- IMB India & South-East Asia and was moderated by Ashok SN, Head of Strategy, DocsApp. The panel zeroed in on and discussed ‘Continuity of Care’ as the ideal model that would serve well as the future of healthcare in India.

As the panel explained to the vast number of participants, Continuity of Care is concerned with the quality of care over time. It is the process by which the patient and his / her physician-led care team are cooperatively involved in ongoing healthcare management toward the shared goal of high quality, cost- effective medical care.

Sekhar C was of the view that, “Telemedicine will be the new normal in future healthcare. We have observed an upswing in the home delivery of medicines along with diagnostics. However, we need a robust regulatory framework around telemedicine. It would help if insurance companies started considering telemedicine under its gambit. Additionally, this global pandemic has brought about a behavioural change in people where they are now more conscious about their safety. Going forward, preventive health will change the nature of products.”

Nijhawan further added that “More innovation is required on the part of companies to tackle this global crisis. Along with telemedicine becoming the norm, we will see an evolution in insurance policies as well. Big clients may choose telemedicine policies. We can also expect a massive push towards investing in government hospitals over private hospitals.”

The panellists felt that as a country, the economy we cannot neglect the impact of COVID-19 on businesses. The industry experts discussed how businesses will have to strategically resume irregular office operations post the lockdown.

Sreenivas views were, “ Taking the current scenario into consideration, the lockdown will be opened in a staggered manner. The entire fundamental way of doing business has been impacted. The way we interact with clients is set to change with alternate ways, mainly digital acclimatisation gaining utmost importance. Initially, we may see only 20 per cent office strength, however, the key here remains to identify which employees would be allowed to come into the office. Factors like location, mode of transport, etc. will play a key role here.  We need to also put in place certain checkpoints and avoid social congregation. However, organisations need to understand that travel needs to be voluntary and should be allowed only on an absolute need basis for an interim period.”

 The overall agreement was that the ongoing pandemic has compelled organisations and individuals to face unprecedented times, especially in terms of healthcare. All on the panel believed that there was a long road ahead in terms of things returning to business as usual and that the world will see social distancing becoming the new normal in times to come. Companies have to work in a cooperative manner and overcome this challenge with innovative solutions and implementation. Continuity of Care will remain of paramount importance in the road ahead for things to return to normal.

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