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Medikabazaar expands services to provide protective gears, equipment to corporates, other workplaces  

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The platform has curated product catalogue with wide range of offerings for organisations to purchase from, instrumental in ensuring safety, health of corporate workforce

Medikabazaar has recently expanded its services to provide protective gears and equipment to corporates and other workplaces. The online B2B healthcare provider has collaborated with other organisations to safeguard their workforce from the threat of contracting virus, as and when they resume work from office. The platform has curated a product catalogue with a wide range of state-of-the-art offerings for organisations to purchase from, instrumental in ensuring the safety and health of the corporate workforce. The mantra is to pre-empt the possibility of a coronavirus spread, prevent it by having the right equipment to protect the workplace from all health and safety concerns.

Since the outbreak, the pandemic has claimed over 2500 lives in India alone and has infected thousands of others. A prolonged incubation period of ~ 14 days has emerged as the biggest obstacle in timely detection and curtailing the further spread of the disease. Hence, an amalgamation of advanced technological tools, protective kits, and strict adherence to safety guidelines becomes mission-critical to control and eliminate the contagion. Medikabazaar’s initiative will help organisations prepare well-in advance before they become fully operational, post-government directives. It is aimed to significantly minimise the risk of contracting the virus once the lockdown is relaxed for businesses.

The workplace-specific product catalogue of India’s leading B2B marketplace for medical equipment offers various deep learning and AI-driven products with different comprehensive usage capabilities to combat Coronavirus. The product categories range from infrared thermometers, automatic sanitisation tunnel, MedScan automated hand-sanitiser-cum-IR thermometer, MedSmart temperature sensor mask & respirator, sanitiser & disinfectant, etc. among many other contact and, non-contact screening tools.

Speaking on the same, Vivek Tiwari, Founder and CEO, Medikabazaar said, “Organisations would want to resume work from office, as soon as the lockdown is eased. During this, they might neglect requisite safety measures that are critical to prevent occupational exposure. Today, our collective aim should be to get the economy back on track by keeping India’s workforce safe while also eliminating similar risks in the future. And, the role of technology cannot be ignored in combating such highly contagious threats.”

“We have developed COVID-specific product catalogue and a microsite specifically for corporate customers prioritising the safety of workplaces. These highly advanced scanning tools and other protective products will help safeguard workforces against health risks and will help to prevent its spread by identifying the carrier” added Tiwari.

The link to the catalogue can be accessed on-


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