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Medlife organises “Know Your Doctors” campaign

The initiative aims to raise awareness about different medical specialties and the role that doctors play in their respective domains

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Medlife has launched a campaign called “Know your Doctors” which aims to create awareness on the difference between various types of doctors and understanding who the right doctor is for different health problems.

The campaign is live on Medlife’s Facebook page and it focuses on explaining the differences between specialists who have some similarity in their role. One of the videos shows that people cannot differentiate between an obstetrician and a gynecologist or a psychiatrist and a psychologist, and so on and so forth. The campaign tends to resolve this gap through interesting and educative infographics and animated videos.

Speaking about this, Ms Meera Iyer, Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), Medlife, said, “Medlife’s Doctor’s Day is an important step towards creating awareness among people about doctors and what they do. A lot of people are unaware of the basic differences amongst various medical specialties. Given the fact that we consult these specialists from time to time, we must also understand their work and perspective. Communication between a doctor and a patient is a cornerstone for long-lasting trust between them – something that is also the need of the hour in India.”

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