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MIP enters India market

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MIP aims to power the healthcare segment with effective, affordable and quality healthcare textile products

MIP, a global leader in reusable healthcare textile industry, has entered the Indian market. Tor Lund, President and CEO, MIP and Bollywood actor Ameesha Patel, recently launched the India entry, amid an august gathering of top doctors, healthcare professionals and policy makers.

MIP is a manufacturer and distributor of high performance textile and related products to healthcare facilities and distributors and outsourced laundry service providers.

Speaking at the launch, Lund said, “This is an exciting time for MIP as the brand has experienced strong growth in revenue and market share across the globe. Having make our presence felt it in Canada, the US, the UK and Europe, we felt this was an opportune time to enter the growing Indian healthcare sector. With a proud history of supplying quality products and providing outstanding service we have a long-term strategy for India. We wish our employees and stake-holders in India the very best.”

Adding her views, Patel, said, “I am happy to be here at the start of MIP India journey. It is a well-recognised brand and a leader in its segment and I believe that they will revolutionise the reusable healthcare textile segment in India.”

On what motivated MIP to enter the Indian market now, Tor said, “The Indian healthcare market is growing rapidly and increasingly becoming more sophisticated and we have had the fortune of teaming up with a local team that has the passion, dedication, knowledge as well as shared values with the MIP culture. In addition, there seems to be an increasing need for high quality textile products that support the world class medical infrastructure and expertise that currently exists.”

On what the brand hopes to achieve in its first year of operations in India, Tor added, “We hope to have our products used in 20 private as well as public hospitals and that these will serve as showcases and proof of concept for further growth in 2021 and beyond.”

Now in India, MIP aims to power the healthcare segment with effective, affordable and quality healthcare textile products. MIP Inc offers a complete range of textile products found in hospitals and nursing homes, including everything that’s on a bed and in a patient’s room, on a patient and on a doctor and para-medical staff.

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