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NASSCOM announces the successful finale of HIC-3

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In HIC-3 some of the hospitals are exploring how they can utilise data being generated in their operations

NASSCOM Centre of Excellence – IoT & AI has announced the successful finale of the third edition of its flagship program Healthcare Innovation Challenge (HIC-3). 

Dr Ajai Garg, Senior Director, MeitY said, Digital technology in healthcare has critical role to play in making affordable healthcare accessible in remote areas of the country. Ministry of Electronics and IT (MeitY) as nodal agency for all IT promotion in the country, is committed to doing all it can in making this healthcare access a reality. We look forward to more such initiatives to support the government efforts.”

In HIC-3 some of the hospitals are exploring how they can utilise data being generated in their operations. Use cases like future inpatient volume prediction based on outpatient data, AI based surgical video recording and reporting, integration of multiple data streams to create data lake are the kind of solutions that seek to explore the utilisation of internally generated data in creating actionable intelligence. Other use cases like OPD cashless payer solution and automated credit payment system seek to integrate dispersed payment systems/vouchers/credits to create seamless experience for the users.

Balaji Uppili, Chief Customer Success Officer, GAVS said, The Indian healthcare ecosystem is seeing an unprecedented rise in consumerism. Today’s consumer expects swift, transparent, and personalised healthcare services, and data forms a critical component of this ecosystem. We are building solutions that can provide a more holistic 360-degree view of the patients for personalised treatment and patient care for many of our customers. However, it is only possible when assimilated data is shared and integrated across different platforms and key stakeholders in the ecosystem. Innovative solutions and cutting-edge technologies like AI/ML are only as effective as the high-quality data available. Relevant stakeholders need to rethink their data sharing models as data is the key to unlocking and embracing solutions that will pave the way for future healthcare.”

Operations continues to be the key area of interest for user community with requirements like OPD automation, prescription digitisation, preventive health checkup being the focus areas. Hospitals are also looking to get solutions faster detection of microbes and infection can be achieved, to allow doctor to avoid antibiotic prescriptions while they wait for the reports from conventional diagnosis techniques.

Bhaskar Maddala, CEO, ThirdEye (JBM Group) said, COVID has taught us what to expect when not expecting, and also has been a key catalysing agent in accelerating digital push in healthcare. As we move ahead with technology adoption, we need to keep empathy towards patients and related people. While the various technological aspects are so important and supportive, the key to success is the Willing to Serve, Share and Care. When there is a WILL, the technologies discussed so far will provide the WAY to achieve it. Everybody wants change but seldom people want to change, so the journey has to be started and patiently pursued.”

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