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Non-surgical face lifting: A new focus in the multi-specialistic fields of aesthetic procedures

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Girisan K, Managing Director-India, Menarini highlights the advancements in aesthetic procedures

India ranks 4th in the world on the scale of cosmetic surgery procedures performed. Technological advancements and the need for beauty enhancement procedures have given a phenomenal push to the aesthetic industry in the country. The sector is also actively taking on the Indian beauty space. In the last decade, the cosmetic business has expanded rapidly, owing to the flourishing Indian fashion and film industry. Furthermore, on the back of the emerging new-age consumers, the cosmetic industry is seeing a lot of traction as they have become cognizant of their looks and the significance of having a good appearance.

For a long time, face shaping, or facelifting has been performed by surgical methods. With the advancement of technology, there is an advent of non-surgical and non-invasive techniques to perform facial procedures. Newer techniques of face lifting procedures such as thread-based facelift, are at the recipient of a tremendous amount of interest and giving a significant thrust to the industry. The diverse variety of injectables, threads, and fillers have paved the ways into the aesthetic market. The non-surgical facelifts are not particularly invasive as they do not necessarily need big incisions, general anesthesia, sutures, and a longer recovery time. All these aesthetic procedures are now available to replenish and rejuvenate the ageing face.

Amongst the recent innovations, thread lifting is being preferred. In fact, the fourth-generation Italian threads are emerging as an advanced option in the thread lift technique. Fourth generation threads are a range of absorbable monofilament, suspension- barbed threads of synthetic origin (poly-L-lactic acid and caprolactone, p(LA-CL)). These threads provide immediate lifting as well as long-term lifting results due to the property of unique material that gives a higher tensile for long lasting results and high elastic properties for immediate results. The unique material of the thread is also responsible for minimal downtime and faster recovery with additional benefits of skin rejuvenation.   These threads come with innovative insertion techniques that result in desired patient outcomes with very less downtime compared to other available threads. For those whose skin is not suitable for surgeries and those who do not get desired results with injectables for improvement of tissue sagginess, thread-based facelifting is an ideal alternative that helps Facial tissue reshaping, lifting and repositioning.

The acceptance of minimally to non-invasive aesthetic procedures can be attributed to people who are in their mid 30s and looking for mild to moderate lifting of facial folds. Moreover, there is the younger population also who have shown an interest in these procedures since thread lifting helps to improve facial shape and gives a smoother and more youthful facial features.

The multipurpose benefits of Thread lift offer not only facial lifting and reshaping but also textural improvement in skin quality due to collagen synthesis. More with 4th generation threads the results are immediate and last for up to 18 months.

Higher acceptance towards aesthetic treatment and the rise in the popularity of non-invasive and minimally invasive procedures are driving significant innovations in this area aimed at improving convenience to the patients as well as the practitioners.

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