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Partnerships in radiology: Radiology models in public healthcare

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At a session on ‘Partnerships in radiology: Radiology models in public healthcare’ at Radiology & Imaging Conclave 2021, Niraj Arora, President, Operations, HealthMap Diagnostics gave an interesting glimpse into an evolving partnership between the state governments and other stakeholders.

Highlightening the objective of PPPs, he said that government partner with private healthcare providers to fulfill its commitment to provide healthcare services and relegating its (state’s) role to be the payor of the service of a specialised standard. It involves private enterprises to provide capital and professional clinical services, delivered in most economical, effective and efficient manner, benefitting the public at large. It also expands the bandwidth to focus on other public health priorities. The use of PPP as a mode of partnership is essential for ensuring rapid expansion of healthcare services.

Arora made the point that of the three key stakeholders of a PPP model, comprising the government, private sector and the consumer, the consumer is most important stakeholder.  The end user or the patient or the consumer gets access to the top-grade clinical care investigation closer home. The government fulfills its commitment of providing healthcare and rapidly accelerate capacity to meet the growing need, without depending on upfront budgetary allocation. The private sector generates a profitable revenue stream and expand market access.

Giving the example of Manipal HealthMap Diagnostics, Arora demonstrated the functioning of a successful PPPs, enabling accessibility, availability and affordability of healthcare services, helping to provide Universal Healthcare as well as offering a profitable revenue stream and expanded market access to the corporate partner. According to him, in the last two decades, the Indian healthcare sector has adapted well to PPPs to deliver services like radiology, pathology, oncology etc. Thus, inspite of pain points like delayed payments, he indicated that Manipal HealthMap Diagnostics is looking at creating better infrastructure in diagnostics and at larger engagements through PPPs.

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