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Interventional radiology: Aiding advancements in cancer detection

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At a session on ‘Interventional radiology: Aiding advancements in cancer detection’ at Radiology & Imaging Conclave 2021’, Dr MC Uthappa, Head-Interventional Radiology, Manipal Group of Hospitals, Bangalore gave his insights on how Interventional Radiology is making Cancer Detection more accurate and safer for patients.

Talking about the key advantages of Interventional Radiology, he said that this branch of radiology involves no suture and no scars with minimal pain. They are image guided and have excellent clinical outcomes. Also, there are minimal complications. In many cases the life saving and emergency procedures are performed by the interventional radiologist. Interventional Radiology is complementing the other stakeholders by becoming the fourth pillar of cancer care.

He also highlighted that the Interventional Radiology has made great advances in the delivery of cure for many cancers. This specialisation plays a key role in cancer diagnosis and treatment planning and contributes in a big way when it comes to access to treatment, adjunct to surgery, ablation as cure, palliative, combination treatment and pain relief. It also plays a significant role in providing access to ports and lines like PICC Line, Permcath, Hickman Line, HD Catheter and Chemoport.

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