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Parvathy hospital conducts total knee replacement surgery on 23-year-old woman


A patient was suffering from juvenile rheumatoid arthritis

A group of surgeons led by Dr S Muthukumar, Chairman and Chief Orthopaedic, Parvathy Hospital in Chennai performed the revision knee implant surgery on the 23-year-old, K Bhuvaneswari, which relieved inflammation, reduced pain and improved quality of life. This treatment has made her get back on her feet.

According to doctors, the patient was in an immobile condition, for six years, she had an intense painful swollen joint and bone erosion, which completely stopped her mobility forcing her to crawl.

Describing the procedural treatment, Muthukumar, said, “The patient who succumbed to juvenile rheumatoid arthritis was crippling and confined to the bed for almost six years with no hope for treatment. We thoroughly analysed the complicated condition and planned for a surgery. The surgeries were staged taking into account all her complications and the responses her body could trigger during and after the process.”

The total knee replacement was done as a three staged procedure. With a juvenile rheumatoid arthritis condition, the patient’s bones were extremely soft and the knee replacement procedure was done with extreme care.

“After the successful replacement of the right knee, neuro-vascular supervision were required to get the knee moving back and forth or get the complete stretching ability of a normal knee. The neuro-vascular expertise also determined her ability to move her ankles and foot,” Muthukumar added

With both her knee joints replaced, K Bhuvaneswari is now able to stand, walk and perform her daily routine.

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