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Sanofi India launches ‘Allergy Free’

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To raise awareness about allergies, their impact on quality of life

This World Allergy Week (June 28 – July 04), Sanofi India launched a multi-channel educational initiative to raise awareness about allergies and their impact on the quality of life.

Given the sensitivities of the current global pandemic, there is a lurking sense of fear that has gripped everyone. Allergy free helps keep people informed on the typical symptoms of allergies, flu and cold, and the main warning signs of COVID-19.

The website is a comprehensive and regularly updated portal. Taking this information to where our customers really access it, this portal also links across various social media channels including Facebook (@AllergyFreeInd), Twitter (@AllergyFree), Instagram @AllergyFreeIndia) and YouTube (AllergyFree India).

Commenting on the launch, Nikhilesh Kalra, General Manager – Consumer Healthcare, India & South-Asia, Sanofi, said, “In India, while the prevalence of allergies has increased five times, but  50 per cent of the allergy sufferers are unaware of this problem. Allergies can have a major impact on people’s productivity and their sense of well-being. Importantly, if ignored, allergies could have long-term consequences on their health. Therefore, there is a real need for a revolutionary shift in mindset towards allergies. ‘AllergyFree’ is our endeavour to raise awareness so that people can ‘live allergy-free’.”

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