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Sodexo HTM helps save costs and the hospital’s reputation by reducing downtime of medical equipment: Sambit Sahu

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Adding to its slew of services for healthcare facilities, Sodexo will be soon launching a healthcare technology management app. Sambit Sahu, Country Director, Healthcare, Sodexo India shares details with Viveka Roychowdhury

How will this app help hospitals? Particularly small hospitals and clinics, which have been badly hit by the COVID-19 pandemic?
The overburdened small and medium healthcare segment, with no dedicated biomedical engineering team is heavily dependent on Original Equipment Manufacturer or mostly the small/local service providers. It often leads to an increase in downtime, leading to unpleasant experiences, thereby impacting the quality of patient care. There is a dire need for a professional medical equipment maintenance service provider that can match pace and quality in these challenging times at affordable costs.

What are the savings, in terms of ROI for hospitals that sign up for the Sodexo Healthcare Technology Management (HTM) app?
With quick turnaround time and standardised maintenance procedures, Sodexo HTM not only helps save costs but most importantly the hospital’s reputation by reducing the downtime of their medical equipments. Hospitals can now focus on providing uninterrupted clinical care through well maintained medical equipments. Given our experience in biomedical equipment maintenance since 2017, we’re well positioned to tackle the challenges confronted by healthcare facilities from the services rendered by the unorganised players in terms of quality of equipment, availability of spares, leading to adverse impact on quality of patient care. We differentiate ourselves over the team of experts, agility and quality of services, while costs come along.

What are the fees applicable? Levels of service, etc?
High quality service would be rendered through our well-trained technical engineers and a fully equipped lab with 3000+ spares and accessories to ensure quick service at competitive rates. Costs of repairs and maintenance depend on the equipment type and the service needed.

What are the main services provided post signing up on the app?
Wide array of services to choose from, namely Asset Tagging, Preventive & Breakdown maintenance, Equipment calibration, Accreditation support for NABH and JCI & User training. Sodexo HTM app will be a one-stop solution for all the biomedical equipment service needs.

Is this a national roll out? If not, what are the plans for expansion?
Backed by global expertise, the app has been designed to cater to all hospitals across India, however we are starting our service in the state of West Bengal, but will soon expand to cover rest of India in a phased manner within 12 to 24 months.

Has this app been run on a pilot basis in India? Can you share the savings, benefits in maintenance costs etc? 
Sodexo India forayed into this field in 2017. Sodexo was awarded the contract for Presidency division of West Bengal state, covering six district hospitals, eight healthcare districts, 10 medical colleges  and hospitals and 464 healthcare facilities. We have seen notable savings in the form of increasing the asset’s lifecycle. Now with the roll-out of this app, the small and medium hospitals will be able to avail high quality service at affordable rates.

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