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Terna Hospital dispatches medical team to flood affected Kolhapur

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The flood situation in Kolhapur and Sangli districts in western Maharashtra showed signs of improvement in the last two days as water started to draw back from immersed areas but flood-affected zones have immediate concern of the outbreak of diarrhoea and vector-borne diseases.

Considering this aspect Terna Speciality Hospital and Research Centre, Navi Mumbai sent a team of 10 doctors and eight paramedical staff in Kolhapur district with medicines and other medical instruments. General medicine specialists, physician and paramedical staff will conduct medical camps in flood affected area.

“There is lot of muck, animal carcases and dirt which can lead to the spread of diseases; so we have sent medicines as a precautionary measure for such diseases,” said by PT Deshmukh, CEO, Terna Public Charitable Trust. He further added, “We are more concerned about kids, pregnant women and senior citizens in Kolhapur district, treatment and medicine distribution priority is on them. Prevention of epidemics, skin infection, viral fever and cold-cough ailments will be a major challenge in flood affected zone.

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