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THIP Media receives certifications from Health On the Net Foundation, Poynter’s IFCN

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The platform provides health information in form of short Q&A, video bytes from doctors, diet tips, also debunks various health myths, misinformation about health on social media

The Healthy Indian Project’s media arm THIP Media has received dual certifications from Health On the Net Foundation (HON) and Poynter’s IFCN.

THIP Media was launched in 2019 with the objective of building verified health information targeted towards the people in India. The platform provides health information in form of short Q&A, video bytes from doctors and diet tips. It also debunks various health myths and misinformation about health on social media. All content is developed after thorough research, published with sources and reviewed by certified medical professionals.

HONcode certification issued by Health On the Net Foundation (HON) is a Geneva, Switzerland-based not-for-profit organisation which promotes the dissemination of accurate health information through technology. The HON Foundation has a code of conduct consisting of eight different principles including, authority and transparency of the content. Websites providing health information and in compliance with the code of conduct are vetted by experts and certified.

Speaking about the HONcode certification, Sudipta Sengupta, Founder & CEO, The Healthy Indian Project says, “Online health information can increase patients’ knowledge of various diseases, symptoms, treatment methodologies and thereby improve competence in health decision-making strategies of self or family. We are trying to build a reliable source of health information that people can trust. With the prestigious HONcode certification we are now confident that our efforts are in the right direction.”

On its website the HON Foundation says, “The Internet has become one of the most widely-used communication media. The problem is therefore no longer finding information but assessing the credibility of the publisher. The HONcode certification is an ethical standard aimed at offering quality health information. It demonstrates the intent of a website to publish transparent information.”

The International Fact-Checking Network (IFCN) is a unit of the Poynter Institute dedicated to bringing together fact-checkers worldwide and promote the best practice in fact checking. Certified IFCN signatories are required to strictly adhere to the ‘code of principles’ provided by the IFCN which includes Non-partisanship and Fairness, Transparency of Sources, Transparency of Funding and Organisation, Transparency of Methodology, and an Open and Honest Corrections Policy.

Speaking about being included in the list of IFCN signatories, Sengupta says, “While we are working towards building a credible source of health information, the effort is not complete without debunking health myths or debunking misinformation about health on internet including social media. IFCN has been doing a great work in order to promote transparent and unbiased fact-checking. We hope that we will be able to contribute enough to make a difference towards verification and debunking of health misinformation on internet.”

THIP Media also runs a dedicated WhatsApp number, +91-8570885709, where users can send any information about health that they want to be fact checked.

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