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Under Ayushman Bharat 10,000 HWCs become operational

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The 10,252 HWC centres have screened 1.3 crore people for various NCDs

In 10 months 10,252 Health and Wellness Centre (HWC) under Ayushman Bharat have been operationalised and southern states are leading by opening up 4057 centres.

Giving an update on the HWC, the Union Health Ministry informed that the states of Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Uttar Pradesh, Karnataka and Kerala lead the way with the highest number of HWCs under Ayushman Bharat. As Andhra Pradesh has operationalised 1361 HWCs, Tamil Nadu 1318, Uttar Pradesh 912, Karnataka 700 and Kerala 678 HWCs.

“A total of 1,33,84,332 women and men, thirty years of age and above have been screened for common Non Communicable Diseases (NCDs) at these HWCs” the statement said.

The universal NCD screening, has identified positive cases on hypertension, diabetes, oral cancer, breast cancer, cervical cancer, and the screened individuals are put on treatment.

According to MoHFW, the National Health Policy, 2017 has recommended strengthening the delivery of primary health care, through establishment of HWCs as the platform to deliver Comprehensive Primary Health Care (CPHC).

The status of universal NCD screening, newly identified positive cases and individuals on treatment at HWCs is as follows:

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