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Zen Multi Speciality Hospital launches oncology department for cancer patients

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The department will provide which facilities for managing all types of cancer

Zen Multi Speciality Hospital has introduced 11 bedded oncology departments “Zen Oncocare”. The department was launched by Actor, film director, screenwriter, and producer Mahesh Manjrekar in the presence of Dr Roy Patankar, Director, Zen Multi Speciality Hospital; Dr Nilesh Lokeshwar, Medical Oncologist, Dr Adwait Gore, Medical Oncologist, Dr Vaishali Roy Patankar, and Dr Tanveer Abdul Majeed, Surgical Oncologist.

Dr Roy Patankar Director, Zen Multi Speciality Hospital said, “India is battling cancer for a long time and now pandemic has further worsened the scenario. COVID has affected oncology care in India and across the world. Prompt diagnosis and treatment are key in tackling cancer. Diagnosis can be delayed as screening programs have been decreased or suspended. So, the hospital has come up with a first-of-its-kind of 11 bedded dedicated oncology department to deal with small and rarest malignancies via cutting-edge technology and skilled experts. The aim is to provide safe and precision-oriented care through the patient-centric approach.”

“Our chemotherapy Daycare center conducts approximately 300 procedures per month including chemotherapy, immunotherapy, biological therapy, and targeted therapy. But, now we can able to offer treatment to 550 to 600 patients per month by having a full-fledged department. The chemotherapy nurses are trained and experienced and use a Biosafety Cabinet with a laminar flow system for the safe and sterile preparation of cytotoxic medicines. The aim is to provide uninterrupted services and comprehensive care in diagnosing and treating patients,” concluded Dr Patankar.

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