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‘We are going to incorporate AI in most of our products’

Chandrashekar Sibal, Senior Vice President, Fujifilm India discusses with Prabhat Prakash the future of healthcare delivery with artificial intelligence (AI) as the backbone

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How is AI going to be a game-changer in 2020 and beyond for Fujifilm?

We believe that AI has a lot of potential in India especially to detect complex cases in cancer, TB and more. We are collaborating with AI experts in India to devices technologies that can improve imaging diagnosis. We are applying AI to incorporate it in our CR systems as we are selling about 4,000 devices in India. We are trying to incorporate it into our X-Ray machines and CT scanners so that lung cancer can be detected early. We are also using it for breast screening and we will be incorporating it in our endoscopy systems as well so that early detection helps prevent morbidity with proper diagnosis leading to correct treatment.

Are you going to incorporate AI in all your products?

We are going to incorporate AI in most of our products such as CR, DR, CT scanners, endoscopy and X-ray to build advanced technologies that can improve patient outcomes.

How is IRIA 2020 important to you?

This is a very good platform to showcase your products and build a good connection with customers. We believe in building and maintaining good relationships that is what is expected from technology shows like IRIA.

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