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There is a visibly renewed commitment towards providing affordable, quality service to patients, hospitals and healthcare providers in the Eastern part of the country

According to a report in The National Commission on Macroeconomics and Health, a few years ago, the Eastern region faced a serious shortage of healthcare resources. Now, things are changing for the better, especially in West Bengal. Gone are those days when a chunk of the population used to travel to the far West and South to get the best of treatment.

Committed to provide affordable, quality service to patients, hospitals and healthcare providers in West Bengal and around Kolkata have revolutionised health when it comes to provide healthcare facilities. Private healthcare players have been setting up facilities in various parts of West Bengal over the past decade to deliver world-class healthcare service to patients in this part of the country.
Even patients from Bangladesh are travelling in large numbers to the state to get the best of treatment. Therefore, in this issue of [email protected], with a special focus on West Bengal, we have covered four major private healthcare providers, i.e. Apollo Gleneagles Hospitals Kolkata, Peerless Hospital, AMRI and Mercy Hospital. These are some of the set ups which have been able to bring in a revolution in healthcare in this region.

These players have been investing in West Bengal’s healthcare sector and intend to do so in times to come. Moreover, with renewed focus from the government on public health and more PPPs in the health sector, the state has a road map to transform its healthcare sector. Express Healthcare, in this Special Edition, analyses how West Bengal is emerging as a hub for healthcare in Eastern India and surrounding areas.

‘We strive to transform healthcare with technology and make quality care affordable’

‘We take a lot of pride in projecting our hospital as a highly responsible organisation’

Government schemes will go a long way to make healthcare more accessible

Mercy Hospital: Compassion with excellence

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