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Draeger Medical India launches OR light on wheels

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Lübeck- With the Polaris 100 and Polaris 200 Mobile, OR teams have for the first time launched mobile OR lights which can be adjusted in height depending on the situation in the OR and according to the surgeons requirement.

The mobile Polaris 100 and Polaris 200 lights can be used in addition to ceiling-mounted OR lights when the surgeon needs an additional light source for more complicated surgeries. In the case of several adjacent treatment areas, for example in emergency rooms, the physician can move the Polaris 100 or Polaris 200 between the treatment areas and use it on site as a single light for minor surgeries.

Easy to transport

In its transport position, the light has a height of approximately 6 feet (1.85 m) so that clinical staff can easily push it through standard doors. In its operating position, the physician has a working height of up to six feet seven in. (2.17 m) under the light body at the operation site or in the treatment room.

The mobile Polaris 200 has an illumination intensity of 160,000 lux. The built-in battery allows for mains-independent operation for at least three hours with full light intensity. A visual and acoustic warning informs the OR team when the battery charge falls below 25 percent.

Dräger Medical GmbH is the manufacturer of the Polaris 100 and Polaris 200.

For more information, please visit http://www.draeger .com/sites/en_in/Pages/Hospital/Polaris-100-200.aspx?navID=1265

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