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Virtual Immunity Champions of India Awards 2020 held to honour COVID-19 Fighters

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In times when a strong immunity is top priority, companies fighting on the frontlines for immunity boosting were honoured for their noble services

While the importance of having a strong immune system was emphasised on since time immemorial, the COVID-19 pandemic threw much more light on the sensitive issue. In such days, when hectic and stressful lifestyles are the new normal, dangers of having a weak immune system loom overhead. To help us realise this, several pharma companies and health organisations have been consistent in their efforts to help us boost our immune systems. Thus, to honour their diligent efforts and to offer them a token of appreciation for their invaluable services, the virtual edition of Immunity Champions of India Awards was organised by HEAL Foundation. The ceremony lauded efforts on both organisational as well as individual levels.

On the Organisational level, there were five categories of awards – Food and Technology Award, Immunity Booster of the Year, Immunity Startup Award, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Initiative of the Year Award, Innovation in Food Supplementation Award and Nutrition Campaign of the Year Award. Appreciating the efforts of each and every company part of the Immunity Booster initiative, Dr Swadeep Srivastava, Founder, HEAL Foundation, said, “In such times of hardship and stress, there is no award or trophy big enough to congratulate our awardees for the noble work that they are doing. Day and night, they have been wracking their brains and coming up with solutions and ideas which can help enhance public immunity and eventually drive out the deadly virus from our beloved country. HEAL Foundation hopes that this small token of appreciation on our behalf can serve as a constant reminder to these brave warriors to keep on working for their cause, and always remember that they have the faith of the nation in them.”

Immunity Champions of India Awards 2020 have been conferred upon the following organisations for their respective categories:

S.No. Award Category Recipient Award Given for Exemplary Work
01. FOOD AND TECHNOLOGY AWARD ASPARTIKA BIOTECH Used indigenous technology to come up with ‘Daily Drops’ and ‘Beam Roti’, two immunity booster products which were supplied to migrant workers as ready to bake food during lockdown.
02. IMMUNITY BOOSTER OF THE YEAR MAHARISHI AYURVEDA Their product, Maharishi Amrit Kalash, has already been sold in 50+ countries for the last 35 years. They have created a global awareness of immunity-boosting measures through Ayurveda, provided tangible solutions and also organised a global webinar with the AYUSH Ministry and 20 countries worldwide.
03. IMMUNITY BOOSTER OF THE YEAR CONVERGE BIOTECH One of the first strong promoters of high dose Vitamin C in the treatment of COVID-19, Converge Biotech also organised highly informative webinars and scientific sessions with renowned doctors from the early stages of the pandemic itself. They also significantly contributed to increasing COVID-19 recoveries during a very crucial phase and made the treatment for COVID-19 induced ARDS extremely cost-effective.
04. IMMUNITY BOOSTER OF THE YEAR KEPLER HEALTHCARE (MAKERS OF MOKTEL IMMUNE) They launched ‘Moktel Immune’, a multi-herb formula for enhancing doctors’ immunity during the global pandemic. Over 1 lakh chemists and doctors have been benefitted by Moktel Immune and been consuming it to protect themselves from the virus,
05. IMMUNITY STARTUP AWARD MALLIPATHRA NUTRACEUTICALS The company has developed novel process and product for immunity boosting comprising Cordyceps in the form of Capsules, Fruiting body, Infusions and fruiting body powder with the support of BIRAC-GoI, CCAMP, Sir MVIT, BBC and KITS-GoK.

06. CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY (CSR) INITIATIVE OF THE YEAR STEADFAST MEDISHIELD The company took the noble initiative of committing INR 15 Lakh for setting up COVID-19 Testing Labs. They also supported the Institute of Kidney Diseases and Research (IKDRC), Ahmedabad
07. INNOVATION IN FOOD SUPPLEMENTATION STEADFAST MEDSHIELD They launched ‘HerbFizz’, a blend of nine neo-ancient herbs to boost immunity, improve digestion and detox toxins from the body.
08. NUTRITION CAMPAIGN OF THE YEAR BAXTER INDIA Right Lipid Right Nutrition: The parent company which launched ‘Oliclionomel’, a third-generation olive oil- based emulsion. Oliclinomel is indicated in Parental nutrition for adult and children more than 2 years when oral and enteral nutrition is impossible, insufficient or contraindicated.

The HEAL Foundation also took up the initiative to honour individuals who made a special mark through their brilliant efforts during the COVID-19 pandemic. The winners of India Immunity E-Summit 2020 (Individual Categories) have been mentioned below:

S.No. Award Category Recipient Award Given for Exemplary Work
01. NUTRITION CHAMPION OF THE YEAR APARNA TANDON JAIN She has worked upon two new products with more protein and antioxidants as the head of New Product Development. She has also educated her audience well through several informative blogs on nutrition.
02. NUTRITION CHAMPION OF THE YEAR MEHAK SETHI She took up the noble initiative of providing free nutrition counselling to 15-18 individuals on a daily basis, resulting in the improvement of health of nearly 500 people free of cost.
03. INNOVATION IN IMMUNITY AND DIET MODULE JAYA MOHAN She created an innovative diet to help a patient with hypothyroid conceive. With 800+ clients all over the country, she has played a keen role in promoting awareness surrounding physical and mental health.
04. INNOVATION IN IMMUNITY AND DIET MODULE GAURI ANAND She promoted iodine consumption and integrated healthy diet planning and consumption to help out clients free of cost. She created innovative diets to aid people in such testing times with no charge.
05. INNOVATION IN IMMUNITY AND DIET MODULE SAGOLSEM REEDYNA She counselled 50+ patients daily, donning on PPE kits to physically visit them and ensure that they are keeping healthy. She also emphasised on the consumption of locally-available natural food products and their importance in a healthy lifestyle.

Talking about the role of these essential health workers during the COVID-19 pandemic, Dr C S Pandav, one of the esteemed Jury Members, said, “We need such inspirational, young leaders to take our country in the right direction. I reached this realisation when I came across the exemplary work that they have done and the things they have achieved in such a short span- the right people should be brought to the forefront of our battle against COVID-19.” Soni Sangwan, another member on the panel, added, “Eating intelligently is an art. After coming across the wonderful speakers in this event, I have realised that it is as much a science. My heartiest congratulations to all the winners, whose small steps have made such a major contribution to changing lifestyles.”

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