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Digital patient experience journey

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Ashokkan Somuveerappan, CIO, Columbia Asia in his presentation spoke about how digitalisation can help hospitals enhance patient experience and be beneficial for company growth. He began by explaining how hospitals can go about bring in digitalisation with a hospital. He first advised hospitals to thing from a patient perspective on when and how a patient will seek medical aid. He went to say that hospitals that provide superior patient experience generate 50 per cent more revenue. Patient experience journey is all about understanding the expectations of a patient and designing a platform that meets them superlatively.

He also mentioned that digital patient engagement channels can be beneficial to hospitals. He cited an example of how he and his team had created a patient engagement platform for a hospital. He further went on to say that digitalisation has to be a continuous process. Digital transformation within organisations will depend on key performance indicators based on business factors.

“Investment in digital mediums within hospitals depends on two major factors — cost variables and change management process within the organisation,” he pointed out.

Somuveerappan also gave insights on the key factors that will drive digital transformations within healthcare organisations. He said that the primary factor that will govern digital transformation for hospitals is the business matrix on which organisation will need to report on. The three major parameters will be adoption, user experience and business performance. The industry will soon ask discussing on how we can change current business models using digital

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