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Panel discussion: Building a quality conscious diagnostic sector for India

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Quality is paramount for every diagnostic lab. It ensures both reliability and accuracy of test results in order to provide the best possible patient care. Unreliable performance can result in misdiagnosis, delayed treatment and increased costs due to retesting etc., it is therefore of great importance to ensure all results provided are both accurate and reliable.

The panel discussion focussed on examining techniques, approaches and guidelines that can ensure QC/QA is sustained.


  • Quality is doing the right thing at the right time and in the right way
  • Primary R&D is crucial for maintaining quality
  • Currently, the Indian diagnostics sector is seeing a lot of inequalities in quality which needs to be addressed on an urgent basis
  • More emphasis on costs can negatively impact quality. Quality and cost need to be balanced
  • People do not realise that not focusing on quality will increase the cost

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