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ULTRAFEST has become a star event of MSBIRIA in the last 10 years

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ULTRAFEST has become a signature event of MSBIRIA and is a trendsetter and the focus is to provide pure relevant academics and learning experience to the radiologists in their day-to-day office-based practice. ULTRAFEST 2020 will be held in Hotel Rennaissance and Convention Center, Powai, Mumbai from April 17-19, 2020. Dr Samir Gandhi, Org Secretary, ULTRAFEST 2020, talk in details about the event in an interaction with Express Healthcare

ULTRAFEST 2020 organised by MSBIRIA is becoming a landmark radiology event in Maharashtra. How are you planning to scale up the event this year and how it will be different from the past event?

As rightly said, the ULTRAFEST has become a star event of MSBIRIA in the last 10 years. This is the 11th consecutive edition. And we are very enthusiastic about it. We have roped in the local team of radiologist for groundwork and logistic support and we have the support of the whole of the MSBIRIA team to organise this event. We have good support from the industry and delegates who have been very supportive. Our main thrust will be on workshop-based teaching in capsule formats of lectures. It will be less talking and more demonstrations.

Why is ULTRAFEST 2020 a must-attend event for radiologists and interns honing their ultrasound skills?

Year after year, we have gained experience in organising this event. We have analysed extensively on what the delegates want, their feedback, the current state of technology and recent trends. The idea is to make every radiologist more comfortable and more confident in their day-to-day focussed practise of sonography. This being a dedicated trend-setting event on sonography, all the topics and speakers are selected keeping the common radiologist in private clinic-based practice in mind.

This year what is the theme of ULTRAFEST 2020? How many delegates are expected to attend this year?

Our theme for this year is ‘Doppler ~ Spectrum of Colour.’ We are expecting around 800-1000 delegates to attend this three-day conference.

What will the scientific programme focus on? Is there a special focus on a particular modality?

Colour doppler has become an integral part of all the sonographic examination. With almost all the machines offering this modality, the feature is no more an exclusive one. With the advance in technology, widespread research, use and experience, the clinical applications of colour doppler have increased tremendously.

Foetal imaging is gaining a lot of widespread attention from radiologists and gynaecologist alike. Will ULTRAFEST have a special session on this segment? What are the major issues that you would address under foetal imaging?

We have Dr Nitin Chaubal, Dr BS Rama Murthy, Dr Chander Lulla, Dr Bimal Sahani, Dr Mohit Shah, Dr Bavaharan among others who will be speaking on colour doppler application in foetal imaging. The topics will cover right from the basics of ‘How to Perform and Interpret’ to advanced topics of ‘Use of colour doppler in foetal echo.’ The range is wide and evenly distributed.

Can you brief us more about live workshops and what will be learning benefits for delegates?

We have planned around 12 workshops during the conference. These will be in conjunction with the lectures. More emphasis is being given on the case-based approach and ‘How I Do It’ kind of teaching and demonstrations. This will help the delegates to learn tips and tricks of the modality, especially in difficult cases.

What are the other key highlights of the event – eg spotter, quiz, panel discussion, poster present, awards &recognition etc. Pls comment

Our key topics are based on colour doppler. However, we also have other topics covered which are relevant to learning. So we have carotid doppler, peripheral doppler, panel discussions on hepatology, USG-guided interventions in office practice, GI and GU Imaging, delegate entry competition in the form of ‘A Picture is Worth A Thousand Words,’ paper presentations etc. There will be fun-based events organised by companies to promote their products and footfall in their stalls.

Can you highlight the national and international faculty who will be delivering lectures at ULTRAFEST? Which lecture will be a major spotlight of the conference?

We have Dr Vikram Dogra, MD, Rochester University, New York as our international faculty. Dr Dogra’s interests in ultrasound, MR, CT and GU radiology have earned him a solid reputation in radiology in both the clinical and academic setting. He is a widely sought-after speaker and has presented many lectures and scientific exhibits on relevant radiology topics around the world. He has been invited to speak at several major national and international radiology meetings including the Radiological Society of North America’s Annual Meeting and the American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine’s Annual Convention, European Society of Uroradiology, and World Federation of Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology to name a few.

All our other speakers like Dr Chaubal, Dr Rama Murthy, Dr Lulla, Dr Mohit Shah, Dr Sahani, Dr Momin among others are famed national and international Speakers who have brought laurels to Indian radiology. The list of speakers is exhaustive and each speaker is a master. Delegates will learn a lot from each and every one.

What are the other added attractions that delegates will witness at ULTRAFEST 2020?

Hospitality, comfort and venue are as important for delegate as the academics. We will make all possible efforts to keep our delegates satisfied. We’ll have opportunities for delegates to socialise, meet old friends and make new friends, create memories, have fun and enjoy the conference.

Can you comment on the new ultrasound technologies that you anticipate will be displayed by the trade exhibitors? Who will be key sponsors and supports for ULTRAFEST 2020?

We have invited trade to extensively market their newer technologies and the companies are very excited about it. We will give ample opportunities to companies to exhibit their unique and advanced features during demonstrations and workshops. We want a balanced blend of technology and its implementation in clinical practice.


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