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Cipla announces initiatives to tackle COVID-19 pandemic in Siliguri

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Efforts are primarily targeted at safety, well-being of its employees as well as lesser-privileged members of community who have low access to basic necessities

Cipla announced a number of initiatives that it has undertaken to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic in Siliguri. The company recently launched a Rs 25 crore ‘Caring for Life’ COVID-19 dedicated fund to further several immediate and long-term relief efforts that the country needs to combat the crisis.

Through its wide-ranging relief measures pan India, the Company is focussing on initiatives that have the maximum impact and reach. In Siliguri, its efforts are primarily targeted at the safety and well-being of its employees as well as the lesser-privileged members of the community who have low access to basic necessities.

Caring for employees

Through a specially constituted central COVID-19 taskforce, Cipla Siliguri has designed an effective mechanism comprising various aspects to safeguard its employees. The company is undertaking frequent sanitisation of the facility premises, employee transport vehicles and goods carriers. All employees are provided with sanitisers, masks, hand gloves and safety goggles to ensure personal protection. Attendance is recorded via RFID smart cards to avoid surface contact. Daily screenings are conducted for every individual entering the factory premises and any symptomatic cases are escorted back home and requested to self-quarantine. Pregnant women, working mothers using crèche facilities and susceptible employees have been advised to avail leave or work from home. A mandatory one-metre distance is being ensured amongst employees within the facility as well as during travel. In-person team meetings have been temporarily discontinued and replaced with video conferencing. Additionally, an extensive awareness campaign has been rolled out at the facility to destigmatise the disease and ensure that employees immediately report any symptoms or positive cases that they or their family members have come in contact with. In addition to the safety protocols, the company has also introduced other special measures. This includes the provision of free food to contractual workers in the factory premises. Cipla has also facilitated a special COVID-19 medical insurance policy for the contractual workforce that covers self and family members (spouse and two children) with coverage of Rs 25,000 per individual.

Caring for patients

The company is ensuring business continuity so that manufacturing and distribution of essential medicines can continue for patients in these difficult times. Cipla has also launched a toll-free helpline to assist its patients in procuring essential medication across therapies from pharmacies and healthcare institutions.

Caring for the community

In furtherance of its responsibility to the community, the company has collaborated with ActionAid India to ensure the well-being of 100 families in need, who reside in the vicinity of the Cipla depot. As part of this, a total of 108 ration kits have been distributed. In addition, the company has been supporting long distance truckers engaged in the transportation of goods to and fro for Cipla with ration kits.

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