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Clarion to adopt for active intervention to further reduce mortality rate of COVID-19: IMA

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IMA to exhort all its state, local branches to conduct virtual meetings to reconnect, reactivate, redeploy services of all IMA members across country in this health emergency

Considering the current situation, where several parts of the country has entered Stage 3 of the COVID pandemic, there is an assertive need to emphasise on patient care, patient safety and therapeutics. While after several months of lockdown, flattening the curve and post Unlock 1, the mortality rate has been brought down by the clinicians (frontline warriors). In this context the Indian Medical Association, has given the clarion to adopt for active intervention to further reduce the mortality rate. 

IMA has also exhorted to all its state and local branches to conduct virtual meetings to reconnect, reactivate and redeploy the services of all IMA members across the country in this health emergency.

“The leadership of the situation clearly belongs to us and Doctors Day 2020 is the right occasion to remind ourselves of the fact. Every member of IMA and the local branch should take a lead in the local area and bring about a change in the situation. The theme of this year’s Doctors Day is ‘Lessen the mortality of COVID-19’. This includes awareness about asymptomatic hypoxia and early aggressive therapy. Doctors Day of 2020 is dedicated to the innumerable doctors who are serving during this epidemic in the primary and secondary care setups as well as the dedicated COVID care hospitals. Wherever one is, it is a time that every single effort counts,” said Dr Rajan Sharma, National President, IMA

The state branches are hereby directed to identify meritorious service amongst doctors of modern medicine during the COVID 19 epidemic. All IMA state branches should recognise and award such doctors in their jurisdiction and authority. State level webinars on COVID-19 management will be in order. State and local branches may conduct virtual meetings on Doctors Day by video conferencing.

By July 1, every doctor in the country should be in the duty station. Every clinic and nursing home should rededicate itself in the service of the nation and humanity. All the local branches should address the local issues arising out of different administrative orders and should be in the forefront helping the local and state authorities in controlling the epidemic. The safety and health of all the IMA members, nurses and other healthcare workers should be of concern to each and every local branch. This certainly is a different Doctors Day and every one of us count to make a difference,” said Dr RV Asokan, Honorary Secretary General, IMA. 

IMA believes that any activity pertaining to this can be a focus on Doctors Day and has also ordered to avoid face to face meetings. The local branch can acknowledge the services of their members pertaining to the COVID-19 epidemic.

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