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Fujifilm India enhances COVID-19 prognosis with revolutionary screening solutions 

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FUJI DRI-CHEM aids CRP and LDH testing in just six minutes, enabling doctors to make a quick analysis of patients

Fujifilm India in line with its commitment to provide aid for the unprecedented COVID-19 crisis, has been strengthening its pledge to contribute to healthcare experts with the help of its progressive Dri Chemistry solutions that can reportedly aid C-reactive protein (CRP) and lactate dehydrogenase (LDH) testing in just six minutes. This speed enables doctors to make a quick analysis of patients.

The clinical chemistry solutions delivers fine chemical technology which is Japanese patented technology for manufacturing of Dri Chemistry Slides. The slides ensure ease of work and no trained technicians are required to use the medical solutions. Further, with plug and play equipment, the NX500i can run upto 128 tests per hour and the NX700i can run upto 190 tests per hour respectively.

With the increasing outbreak of COVID-19 cases putting high pressure on healthcare services worldwide, fast, accurate and early clinical assessment of the disease severity, with tools like FUJI DRI-CHEM NX500i and NX700i, is vital. One of the main obstacles to discovering reliable solutions for the disease caused by SARS-CoV-2, are the new and alarming developments about the virus that continue to increase the anxiety that has been created around the disease.

Another such troubling factor of concern was the scale and severity of the disease. Not only was it initially uncertain who are the individuals who fall into the high-risk category of severe COVID-19, but even the lack of presence of severe symptoms of COVID-19 in people of similar age, complications, and other factors also indicated that there may not be any specific parameters to determine this.

Recent research suggests that relatively high levels of LDH alone seem to play a crucial role in distinguishing the vast majority of cases that require immediate medical attention. This finding is consistent with current medical knowledge that high LDH levels are associated with tissue breakdown occurring in various diseases, including pulmonary disorders such as pneumonia. The use of the biomarkers suggests a simple and operable decision rule to quickly predict patients at the highest risk, allowing them to be prioritised and potentially reducing the mortality rate.

With Fujifilm’s dry chemistry analyser, healthcare professionals can perform multiple test parameters of clinical chemistry. It has a built-in auto-pipetting system, requires no calibration and no water, providing easy preparation and maintenance. The new FUJI DRI-CHEM NX500i and NX700i deliver results using a simple three-step procedure. With its quick, easy operation and compactness, “Real Time and Borderless” Clinical Chemistry has now been made possible.

Commenting on thisChander Shekhar Sibal, Senior Vice President, Fujifilm India said, “As India battles the highest number of coronavirus cases each day, Fujifilm is committed to support the healthcare professionals with our advanced technological solutions. Our cutting-edge Dri Chem technological solutions can help doctors decide how actively they need to handle patients, track their discharge and other clinical decisions. At Fujifilm, we believe it’s time for all of us to come together and protect the humanity by acting responsibly and by doing what we can do to prevent further spread of COVID-19.”

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